What I Wear-Bomber Jacket Obsession

The word "obsession" comes to mind when I think of my bomber jacket. I'm sooo glad I bought this jacket! It goes with everything in my closet, fits well, and it was a massive bargain! I pulled out my plaid skirt which I  haven't worn since last Winter. I still love the pattern, however a year of abuse use, has left the hemline looking...worn. I'm going to have to use my serger and sew it up again. The hem is fraying, and coming undone. As you may have guessed from my outfit, the weather has taken a turn to the colder side.
This year I'm actually ready for it! I think I might even enjoy the...s-n-o-w...shhhhhhh! While my boots appear grey-ish in this photo, they are in fact brown.
I'm debating canceling Feminine Friday. I haven't gotten a very good response (about two to three per FF link up) So my questions is, what would you like the in the near future? Something that lasts longer (a week?) like my previous fashion shows? Something new? If new, what do you have in mind?
I'm wearing: Leather bomber jacket with fur collar Herbergers ($32) Aqua Long Sleeve Shirt JcPenney ($10) Plaid Skirt hand made (n/a) Brown Boots ($25) 
I'm very excited that my self-taught piano lessons are going well. I can pretty much sight read all the right hand notes, the left hand is coming along nicely. I'm currently practicing What A Friend We Have In Jesus, Lullaby, a song from Sense and Sensibility, and various other songs. In addition to my piano, I'm also messing around with a capo on my acoustic guitar. As you know (or soon will find out!) I'm the kind of person who likes to be doing a million things at a time, and have a million hobbies at once. But music and art are my top ones. Music touches a place in people's hearts that nothing else can. You can listen to a song, perfectly happy, and all of a sudden burst into tears just because the song sounds sad.   
QUESTION: What's your hobby?  


  1. Well I have been out of the blogging world for awhile, but I have to say I always enjoyed your longer fashion weeks and events! :) They are so much fun!

    My hobby is photography. Or well, it used to be! I have kind of gotten out of it and I really miss it a lot! I also love cardmaking. A lot. Random, I know! :)

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I am having several giveaways going on my blog right now until the 15th.


  3. I love your skirt! ^^

    i kept meaning to enter Feminine Friday, then i'd always forget... -_- I did have an idea, though (just a suggestion!) -- what about doing something over a instead of having to share every day's outfit for a month, you do it once for every week of the month? And then it's kind of like a fashion week...only a fashion month!

    If that makes any sense whatsoever...hahaha.

    Anyway...super cute outfit!!


  4. aww,I finally figured out how to use the timer on my camera and joining feminine fridays was deff one of my motivations.


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