What I Wear-1940's Hat And Mustard Yellow Skirt

So I've begun to wonder, are any of you out there artists? I don't mean "do you paint like Max Lucado?" I mean amature artists? beginners? Experienced? Dabblers? I would consider myself to be an amature artist. I've really been into pencil portraits of late, and I'm enjoying myself. I even set up an ART BLOG awhile back. My reasoning behind asking this: If there are quite a few of us, I was wondering if anyone of you would like to share bits of wisdom? I know personally that I always benefit from other people in this area. Even if you don't draw, what's your opinion of a certain piece of artwork? What areas need work? What could improve them? I'm also on Prisma Color Art Gallery I really enjoy looking at other people's art. I'm always on the lookout for art blogs (with appropriate content).
I've also wondered if anyone would be interested in art class/tutorial type of thing?

Would anyone like a picture sketched? It needs to be fairly close to the face, and a clear photo.

I'm wearing: Black 1940's Style Hat Vanity ($18) Black Maurices Cardigan With Beads ($4) Thrifted Mustard Yellow Skirt ($7.50) Mary Jane Shoes 6PM ($20)
QUESTION: Would you be interested in art class/tutorials (Free of course!)?


  1. Absolutely! I love any advice I can get!

  2. Cute girls. she wearing totally clothes but looking very smart and sexy.

    Cheap Hats

  3. I would love art tutorials! I am really getting into art too! I just took a look at your art blog and you are really good! I would love to have myself sketched by you one day. =)

  4. Ooh, I adore your outfit today!! ^^ the whole combination is lovely! & you pull off that style hat very well...better than I do, at least!

    I love drawing portraits...would you maybe like to do a swap (you draw me and I draw you? ^^


  5. Love the outfit! I like your art blog too... I honestly don't have a lot of time to draw, though I wish I did, but I love to see others' talent. :)

  6. Hello there! It's my first time to comment here. I sent you an email, by the way.

    I love dressing up for cold weather but it's hot most of the time in my place.

    It's good to know that you are into arts. It's my frustration since birth from school projects to web design, and others. But I'm glad I married an artist. Hope to hear from you soon!

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  8. I LOVE your yellow skirt! So beautiful!!

  9. Adorrrrrable outfit! LOVE that mustard skirt and the hat rocks! <3

  10. What a great outfit! Totally something I'd love to wear, and perfect for Fall :)

    Tracy @ The Wardrobe Wanderer


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