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Your Story
Princess Jasmine stopped to catch her breath. Is it worth it, the long trek up the mountain? The talk of the town was of the King who dwells on the high mountains. The mountains covered with icy snow and filled with every danger imaginable. The sky darkens as the sun goes down. Jasmine utters a small sigh. One foot in front of the other. You can do this, Jasmine! After what seems an eternity, Jasmine comes upon a small cottage. Smoke pours from the chimney, the windows lit with a warm light. Though the cottage isn't far now, Jasmine's feet feel heavy and tired. Just as she feels she can not go on, the cottage door opens, and a man steps from it. "Jasmine?" Confused, Jasmine searches the man's face. But the face is unfamiliar to her. How does he know my name? The man rushes to her side as she slips in the snow. She manages to utter, "Thank you." As his strong arms lift her from the snow, toward the warm inviting cottage.

Inside, the man sets her down in front of the crackling fire. The flames dance on the wooden floor, warming Jasmine's bitterly cold hands. The man kneels before her, kind eyes sparkling. "What are you doing here my dear? It was much too cold for you to be on such a dangerous hike, alone no less!" Jasmine looks into his eyes, and finds nothing but kindness. "Are you the King? The one the villagers talk of so fondly?" The man slips into the chair beside her. "I Am." Jasmines breathes a sigh of relief. "Then you are who I've come to see. I've heard the villagers speak of your writing ability, the ability to write their story. And I've come to ask you to write mine." The King smiles kindly. "Of course my dear, but I need to warn you. It won't be easy. I'll write things you may not like, things that won't make any sense to you. Can you let me have control of the pen?" Jasmine smiles. "Of course my King, I want nothing more than for you to write my story. When can you start?" The King walks to a worn table, papers set neatly in small piles. "In fact, Jasmine, I've already started!" Excited, Jasmine follows the King to the table. "Oh my King! Does it include a prince charming?!" The king laughs. "My dear, I'm afraid I can't tell you that. But the time will come when I can. You must trust that I have every detail planned out, just not in effect yet." A look of disappointment crosses Jasmine's face. "Well, do I do something splendid and wonderful?" The King looks into her eyes. "Jasmine, didn't you say you wanted me to write your story?" Jasmine's eyes betray her distrust. "May I see the papers?" The King sighs. "Jasmine, I don't know if that's a very good idea." Jasmine eyes flash with a small bit of anger. "I think I know what's best for my story!" The King nods, and steps aside as Jasmine sits in front of the papers. Reading the papers, the words end and Jasmine picks up the quill pen and begins to write. After a few moments she leaves the table, bringing the papers with her. "There! All finished. I believe I may be a better writer than you!" The king's eyes betray his disappointment. "Jasmine, if you decide I should write your story, let me know. I'll always take back my children, no matter how many times they reject my writing." Jasmine nods politely. "I'm sure I can handle it. Thank you for your kindness." And she steps out the door into the bitterly cold winter's night.

A few days later Jasmine lies in her chamber, tears pouring forth from her eyes. Oh my King! Forgive me. I tried to write my own story, and look at how it's turned out! Jasmine had written what her heart desired, not needed. And now her story was all in a heap on the floor, words crossed out and smudged with her tears. Rushing to her story, Jasmine starts to rip the pages and begin afresh, then remembers the words of the King. I should send someone to the King. No. I should go to the King! And that's exactly what she did. The long trek back up the hill, and a warm welcome at the top. Inside, the King asks, "So Jasmine, what are you here for?" Shame darkens Jasmine's cheeks. "I know I have no right to ask, but I want you to write my story again. I took the pen, and messed everything up. The pages are filled with mistakes and scribbles, as well as smudges from my tears. Take it back, please?" The King hugs her and takes the papers back. "My, they are a mess!" He laughs. "But I can fix that. Just leave your story with me, it will have a beautiful start, middle and ending." Jasmines smiles through her tears. "You forgive me then?" The King nods. "Of course my dear. I will always forgive you, nothing you can ever do will take you out of my good favor. I will always welcome you back with open arms." Jasmines nods. "Thank you. One more thing though, what is your name?" The King smiles. "Jesus."

Though  I can't say that Jasmine lived "happily ever after", I can say that she lived a long and happy life filled with joy. She took the pen back numerous times, but every time returned it to the true Author. Where does the pen to your life story lie today?

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11


  1. I love this!! So clever and well put! =)

  2. Beautiful post, Natasha. I've taken the pen of my story into my own hand so many times and the Lord has been so faithful to take it back when I finally give it up. He is truly the ultimate Author and knows what is best for His children.

    God bless!

  3. Oh my goodness, Natasha! That is an amazing and beautiful story! So true! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow. I just saw this post in the "You might also like" thing. It was just what I needed to read right now! thank you. :)


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