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Lucia wrote this really funny post over at her blog:  
Dear Anonymous, How are you today? Already up bright and early, I see. Got those negative comment ideas rolling? Good. You have a long day's work ahead of you. Just think of all the people you will irritate, hurt, and discourage in the next hour. I’ll bet the thought makes you smile, and your fingers are already itching to type. It is times like these where you really fall in love with what you do all over again, right?

I'm really excited Melissa (my sister) and I are going to The Three Musketeers movie tonight with a friend. Something came up and we weren't able to go last Friday, so I've had another whole week to get excited! : ) I have to confess that I mostly watch movies for their costumes. I saw the Captain America commercial while I was fast forwarding one night, and had to go back after I identified the costumes as 1940's era. Next to 1940's, the whole sword fighting/fighting injustice thing is pretty cool. Nothing holds a candle though to the Regency era (Pride and Prejudice).    

So I think I could very easily slip into a hippy clothing faze. I love wearing my hat this way, and I have been called a "hippy" before. But of course only in the clothing area. I guess it makes it even more hippy with my long hair. Anyone else a "closet" *tee hee* hippy dresser?

 So someone (I don't recall who) commented and said something to affect of "so that's where yeti went.." on my post on my fur purse. So my mom and I have taken to calling my purse...Yeti! : ) "Don't leave Yeti in the car!" So this vest is Yeti's sister! Names anyone...?? LOL!
I'm wearing: Multi colored tam/beret Forever 21, Pink Long Sleeve thrifted shirt, Blue jean skirt thrifted, fur vest made by me, Fur boots
QUESTION:If you could live in ANY time period, what would it be?


  1. I'd like to live in a Jane Austen or Louisa May Alcott novel =)

  2. My sisters and I really want to see the new Musketeer movie!!! I hope you enjoy it! I use to really want to live back in the time of Little House. Then there where other times. It actually changes with my mood.But overall I have come to a point where I am very happy with the time I am in. I can learn all about other time periods(except for the ones in the future).

  3. I am so a closet hippie dresser :) I finally wore one of my "hippie headbands" in public you know the ones that are more across your forehead then your hair? Loved it plus my hair is wavy/ curly so it totally works :D

    I love living right now but for the clothes I would go to the 50's-70's

  4. Prairie time period! For sure! :)

    I love your outfit!

  5. I love the 40's... but the 60's are my love! haha.

    Cute outfit, (the necklace is so pretty especially)

  6. The yeti lives! I suggest the sister should be called Toto. I would love to live in any fashion era from the 20's all the way to the 60's. I love all of the clothes from that period

  7. Live in right now.. There's no better time than the one you can make a difference in.

    Been following your blog for too long.. I hope you become my new follower today x


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