What I Wear- Royal Azure Skirt And Healthy eating

Hey everyone! I actually wore this yesterday, is that "legal"? I forgot to get a picture of my outfit today, sorry!
I'm so soar today! My sisters and mom and I are now doing Turbo FIRE. That's the next step after Turbo Jam. There's this move where you rock your upper torso back and forth and work your abs, and then put your fist in the air at the same sides hurt like crazy! But It's super fun, most of the time. I'm not exactly what you'd call a 'health nut' but I think God wants us to take care of our bodies. I'm not perfect, but I'm working on eating healthier, so  I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies care to share a healthy meal/snack? I suppose mine is snacking on Blackberries, I love 'em! I'm weird, one of those people that could eat fruit all day! And for a healthy meal, my favorite is teriyaki chicken (rice, veggies and chicken). I've been eating a fairly healthy breakfast lately, a slice of whole wheat bread toasted with a thin layer of Nutella and a side of lowfat cottage cheese. I've also been enjoying a lemon in my water. If you put a slice in your water (squeeze the juice into the water first) and let it sit for a bit, it tastes so yummy! Plus it's like having a 'treat'.      
So now's your time to share with me your healthy eating tips! Snacks? Meals? Treats? Share 'em all!


  1. I'm pretty much a health nut. I was a vegan earlier this year. Not anymore I must admit, I love chicken too much =)
    I'm planning on being super healthy until Christmas, I eat way too much junk at Christmas. I would love to talk more about health and fitness.
    I love your blog too! Some of your outfits are really inspiring! I'm trying to sort my wardrobe at the moment. So it really helps!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. You look beautiful!! :) Love those colors on you!

    FYI- are you still doing Feminine Friday's? Because my camera is working and I would love to participate! :)

    Healthy eating? I'm a health nut. I don't ever eat sweets or unhealthy foods. Once I week I'll have a small treat, but only if it's all natural and contains no bad ingredients. My favorite snack would have to be fruit. And for breakfast I'll eat a piece of fruit and a piece of toast. But for a meal in Fall I love soup. It's SO healthy and so good for you! :)

    The key to having a healthy body is three things-

    1. Healthy eating/drinking lots of water
    2. Working out at least once a day for 30 minutes
    3. Portion control

    No, I don't mean eating itty bitty portions, I mean eating enough so you are full without being stuffed.

    It sounds like you are eating healthy! Good for you! :)

  3. I love your outfit! Super cute!

    My family always tries to eat pretty healthy...Mom tries to get us to eat low-calorie and low-sugar foods, and we've eliminated most dairy from our diet...(: One of my favorite "healthy" foods is a simple broccoli and cauliflower salad with some soy sauce on it -- super good!


  4. I really enjoy your outfits! It's wonderful that you are putting Christ first in the ways that you dress.
    Heath ideas- I try to drink water all the time, so I fill up a bottle and keep it with me so I don't have any excuse not to!
    I often take an apple to bed with me, so that there's no late night "I'm sort of hungry''s, and eat till I'm full, so that I'm not as tempted to snack. : )
    Just remember that God loves you as you are!

  5. I work out like a lot, and I drink mostly water and 100% juice, but my family is junk food junkies! My parents are addicted to soda and junk, and I love sugar and fast food, but I also love fruits, vegetables, and healthy food :)

    Love that outfit!

  6. I love those boots! Super cute!!

  7. I'm not sure if this is healthy but... :) I drink a glass of milk slowly because it makes me full FAST, and I won't want to have a "real" snack. And I get extra calcium the natural way instead of taking calcium supplements.(I sometimes put a little bit of chocolate syrup in my milk and then it is more like a snack)

  8. CUTE outfit, Natasha!! :] And thanks for joining in the giveaway! HOWEVER, I realized right after I posted the button that I had linked it wrong..o.O Would you mind going back to the post and using the new code under the button instead of the one you have right now?? Thanks a ton! <33


  9. Hello :) I just found your blog and have been having a merry time reading through back posts.
    I eat super healthy, partially from necessity as I am allergic to almost everything unhealthy (except for sugar. And I love my sugar.) Fruit is my friend--dried fruit, fresh apples and oranges, yum :)

    These Little Hands


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