12 Days Of Modest Fashion Day-5 Get Your Hip Hop Hat On

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I'm wearing: Pink Polka Dot Thrifted Aeropostale Shirt, Thrifted J Crew Brand Blue Jean Skirt, Go Jane Black Boots, Grey Hat Herbergers, Dollar Store scarf, Dollar store nail polish : )

For some strange reason I always feel "funky/Hip Hop-ish" in this hat...okay, please don't unfollow me! : ) I tried doing these nails last night and I LOVE the result! I picked up this nail polish at the Dollar Store that says it's for nail designs. It worked great! I wasn't entirely happy with the way my right hand turned out, but I was doing it with my left hand so... 
And now I want every color they make! I'm also thinking the zebra patterned nails would look cool with hot pink instead of white. I'm also imagining polka dots or maybe some flowers?

Today is day 5 of the 12 Days Of Modest Fashion event! The last five days have gone by in an absolute blur! I'm also happy to announce that there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! I will be providing 1st (the Forever 21 necklace) and 2nd place will be a necklace donated by Alana and a gaurdian angel pin donated by Laurel! Thank you girls so much for donating the prizes!  

If you miss a day in the fashion event, you can go back and enter the previous days! I'm leaving the links open until the 12th.


  1. Beautiful outfit Natasha! And I love your hat.. it's so cute!! :)

  2. Hey,
    I was just wandering if you had to to the fashion contest, all 12 days ,or if you can just do it for maybe a few days? I would love to know:)

    Kelsey look really cute in all your post:)


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