12 Days Of Modest Fashion Day-4

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I'm Wearing: Thrifted Roxy hoodie, Black Skirt (c/o Kosher Casual), Pink thrifted Aeropstale shirt, black Go Jane boots. 

First of all, I apologize for not getting my outfit posted yesterday! I did wear a decent outfit, it just slipped my mind to get photos of it till I was in Pjs! : ) Second, if you haven't received a comment from me on your outfit, it's not because I don't like it! I guess from the Blogger blog they're having some "issues" with blogs that have comments embedded in the post, instead of the pop up window. I go to leave a comment and the page tells me "I'm not authorized to view this page"! All your outfits are fantastic and show great creativity and shine a bright new positive light on feminine modesty. We've had a great "turn out" the last 4 days (minus Sat. Which I didn't even participate in!)!

What I'd like to know while the experience is still fresh in your mind is this: What would you change or keep about this fashion event? Are the event "themes" a good idea or would you rather an unstructured event? Would you have a 7 day event next time or shorter?


  1. I like the typical 7 day events usually because a week just makes sense in my mind and it is easier to plan. However for December, 12 days is a cute idea I think and it has been a lovely event so far!! And I like the theme for each day. Great idea! :)


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