What I Wear-Crazy Outfit And Moderation

"So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31

If you've known me for even a few months, you know I'm what people call "extreme". There was the time I said I wasn't going to buy any clothes for a month (I bought a pair of tights and a shirt...). I said I wasn't going to eat any sugar (Obviously that didn't last...). And on and on the list goes! Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself! But lately I've really been thinking about moderation. To truly follow through with something, you have to take small steps. Take for instance eating healthy. I'm sure "eating healthier" or "losing weight" was probably on most of your new year's resolution lists. Well, I've never actually sat down and written one out, however I have sort of a mental thing going. I'm trying to eat healthier (of course I have to drag my family along with me!) and exercise 5-6 days a week. There have been numerous times when I threw myself into "eating healthier" but my method hasn't worked-until now. We're making small changes in our diet, switching to whole wheat bread, more fruits and vegetables etc. But if I was to all of a sudden say "Hey family! We're not going to eat anything but healthy stuff from now on, get over it!" (yes, I have done that...) I'll eventually crash and burn, resulting more times than not, in a diet that is worse than before! So what am I trying to say? Moderation is the key to your success! 
I write for Girlz 4 Christ magazine (online publication) in addition to (trying) to write articles on modesty and fashion, I'm planning on adding fitness articles to my list-I'm working on one as I type this. So if you'd like some fitness tips, I encourage to you get a subscription to the magazine. But here are a few tips I've learned:
  1. Make small changes
  2. Don't freak out if you have to eat something that's not "healthy"
  3. Find an exercise program you love
  4. Google is your friend (research stuff you don't know about eating or fitness)
  5. You can go off french fries!
Hello, my name is Natasha and it's been 1 month and 4 days since I last consumed a french fry! *high five*
Question: What is your new year's resolution/goal?


  1. Hey Natasha! It's been a long while since I commented hasn't it? Anyway, your tips on eating healthy made me laugh. Two parts especially, the "don't freak out if you eat something not healthy" and "you CAN go off french fries." :D

  2. Hey .. You look lovely :) and the snow .. Wow!!! New follower

  3. Cute jacket! And great job on the french fries :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Hey, I like your crazy outfit! That coat is adorable. Love your new header.. it looks nice!

  5. I love your hair it looks really good like that!

  6. I have loved the health and recipe articles you've submitted to Girlz 4 Christ so far... if they inspire me, I'm sure they'll inspire tons of our readers as well!


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