What I Wear-Leather Jacket & Letter From God

This letter was sort of inspired by a post I read. What exactly was I trying to say? You're beautiful! God made you just the way He wanted you to be, so don't put yourself down! You don't have to feel inferior, because you're not! We need to remember that it's like slapping God in the face when we insult His creation-you. Try to see yourself the way He sees you, pray and ask Him to show you the person HE sees. Don't compare yourself to others, or hide behind makeup or clothes. Be that person God sees, a beautiful stunning young woman who loves the Lord. Let God's majesty shine on your face. You're beauitful!   


  1. this was really nice to read and something I think women in the fashion industry DO need to be constantly reminded of.. on my latest post I wore NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER and it took a lot of faith in God! haha.. but I think they turned out okay :P

    lemmie know what you think
    much love in beemod..

  2. Lovin' your smile in the middle two pics!! =)

  3. Hey, I don't know if you follow her or not, but Nina from All Tumble Down is having a modesty survey right now on her blog and I thought I'd pass along the link in case you would like to participate as well :)

    God Bless,
    Marie :)

  4. I tagged you, Natasha!

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  6. I ADORE this outfit, Natasha! And guess what? I have those same tights! *grin* We are tight twins.

    ~Ashley xxx

  7. Just saw your guest post over on Ashley's blog and thought I'd pop over to say hi! I love your outfit here, the colour of that dress is so lovely and bright, and I just adore your tights!! And what a lovely message for a post too =)

  8. Hi Natasha,

    Nice dress and jacket plus the tights and boots. I just bought my first pair of boots last December and I sooo like wearing them. I miss you guys. Hope to get more time blogging.

    Warm Regards,

  9. Looking nice in that jacket.

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