What I Wear-Maurices Sweater Dress And Modesty

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."
Proverbs 3:5

I'm Wearing: Grey Sweater-Maurices, Black Modesty 4 Me Cami, Black Leggings-Target, Black boots-Go Jane.  
Remember that Maurices sweater dress I told you about yesterday? This is it! I really like how it fits and it's super warm! You can't really see them, but I added leg warmers to peek out of my black boots. I also tried experimenting with my hair last night, I took damp hair and put it into two "blogger knobs" (Hair buns) and then pulled them out this morning, voila' curls! And it's nicer to your hair than mercilessly wrapping them in foam curlers while you rub your head around on the pillow.
I think I've figured out one of the reason modesty can become so repulsive to some people-legalism. When you try to give people a list of things they "should" and "shouldn't" wear, they start to tune you out. God has really used my blog adventure to teach me that. When I first started this blog, I would've given you a list of things to wear that were modest, and the ones that aren't modest. But over the last two years God's changed my heart in this manner. I was exposed to so many different ideas of modesty, I realized none of them were "wrong" per-say. Just different from mine. For instances I don't believe that every inch of you should be covered, but some people do. I know some people believe that you shouldn't show any skin above the elbow. Is this wrong? No, it's just their convictions. Am I saying you shouldn't worry about what you wear? No! But everyone is in a different place in their modesty journey, so cut people some slack and take the legalism out of modesty!
That being said, I'd like to hear what your personal convictions of modesty are. I encourage you to leave a comment, and come back to see what others post. Chances are, our standards are somewhat similar but will vary from person to person.


  1. I am 21 and still live at home, so my mom still will tell me things about my clothes, and if there is something I am not sure about I have to ask or assume I am not allowed. I am not sure how mom's standards work because my younger teenage sisters will wear things tighter than she allows me. Anyway, I would have to wait until I am on my own before I can truly decide and BE TESTED on what standards I hold since I seem to want to push the line to what I don't think I should wear even when it is allowable.

  2. I love maurices! And your hair looks great by the way!

  3. I love your outfit Natasha! I have been looking for a sweater dress for ages, this one is beautiful. :)

    As to my personal convictions & standards;
    First of all I seek to honor God. When I look in the mirror every morning (come on, we all look in the mirror at least once in the morning!) I try to ask myself, "Is this okay with God? Do I look like a child of the King? Am I a good testimony looking like this?"

    I also try to dress appropriately for the occasion and atmosphere I know I'll be around. Not that I have double standards, but a flirty outfit I might wear out on a date with my husband, might not be appropriate for Sunday morning. Just like wearing gym clothing might not be appropriate for a business meeting or a wedding.

    And then beyond that, I don't really have a lot of "do's & don'ts" or strict rules. I just try to balance being a woman, yet still a lady. And above all to dress how I think Christ would be pleased!


  4. you have seen my blog so i do agree with skinny jeans and mini-ish skirts with leggings. but there are allot of things i don't agree on. like jeggins and spaghetti tops (only if i am in my room by my self or swimming)i also don't like skirts that go above the knee by like 3 4 inched in less they have leggings. i know everyone is different in there modesty but that is what i am :)


  5. I love that!
    By the way, goodness, your hair look uh-maze-ing!

  6. Hi Natasha! I love your dress!
    I still run things by my dad every morning before I head out :) As a general rule, my skirts come to the knee or I definitely wear leggings (or thick, thick tights) with them. Even with leggings, skirts gotta cover my butt when I bend over :D I also try to keep my shoulders covered in the summer (t-shirt or cap sleeve instead of tank top.)

  7. I have a hard time expressing what my standards of modesty are. I have the opinion that since the Bible is not exactly clear one way or the other on modesty, there are somewhat wide margins as to what is "okay" and "not okay" to wear. But at the same time, you don't (I don't) want to use that excuse as a reason for wearing a denim miniskirt and tube tops ("The Bible doesn't SAY you can't wear them")
    I think that the thing you most have to keep in mind when dressing is what you are trying to convey with your clothing. Because that matters a lot. If you are wearing a lowcut top because you WANT to attract attention, then it's not good. But if you're wearing the lowcut top because you LIKE it...well...then adding a layer underneath to have a modest neckline shouldn't be an issue, and if it is, you have to rethink where your heart is.
    Our church used to have lots of issues with modesty; in one family in particular. Unfortunantly, our church went through a pretty nasty split last year and the family that was the big "issue" left. But I know there was at least one girl (woman, she's in her late twenties) in that family that had/has some serious heart issues, just from what I gleaned from talking with her on the subject and what Mom has talked to her about.
    Your heart is such an important part of modesty.
    For instance, I wouldn't wear that sweater dress without a pair of actual pants underneath, not just leggings or tights. But I don't think you are wrong from wearing it because I don't believe your heart is in the wrong place.
    And of course, it's always good to run outfits you're not sure about by your dad or, if you have one, an older brother. They can generally give you a pretty good idea of what a guy would think when he sees you. But then you also have to be prepared to have a submissive and soft heart toward whoever you're asking, because if they tell you that they don't think your outfit is appropriate, you have to be prepared to bend to what they say.
    Okay, I'm sorry for the novel. I am so long winded sometimes. Lol.

  8. I really love this outfit :D and about your question, until today I'm not sure what is modesty for me when is about clothing, I meant I'm the kind of girl who really feel uncomfortable showing my legs and cleavage at the same time, so because of it if I wear shorts on the bottom then I wear a t-shirt on the top and viceversa.


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