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I'm wearing: Burnt Orange Phonograph eShakti dress, black Target leggings, Black Go Jane boots  

I decided to dig my eShakti dress out of the back of my closet and wear it again. I love the style and color, unfortunately it's a bit too "fitted" for my body shape. So this is me leading by example: tight-ish outfit? Wear things that draw attention away from that area! Thus the black cardigan and belt. I feel like it's more appropriate to wear this way, than by itself. I love that it's 1940's kind of style, it always makes me feel old fashioned-in a good way. Today was profitable for me, we had an electronic free day-until right now. I made dinner with some help from my mom, which consisted of: Homemade whole wheat tortillas, refried beans on top, smothered with red Chile sauce. I'm awful though at getting the right amount of extra ANYTHING. If it needs a bit of water, I put too much in and have to put something in to thicken it, which turns into an endless cycle of thinning and thickening! Oh well! Practice makes perfect, right?

What do you do to an outfit that's a bit tight (other than the obvious of not wearing it!)?


  1. That's a good idea! I usually layer with a cardigan too, or some other kind of sweater on top when my top is too tight.

  2. It really depends on the article of clothing! I typically wear long cardigans, sportscoats, and blazers to cover up my "problem areas" (hips/rear). I think the orange looks good on you and the belt adds a nice contrast.

    Don't you love eShakti?!

    More Modern Modesty


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