What I Wear-Bohemian/Hippy/Cowgirl

I really don't like "cowgirl" style, but that is the best way to describe this outfit. I thought of at least three different outfits I could've worn this morning, but I haven't worn this shirt/short dress since this Summer. So I figured it was time to pull it out again.
Anyone notice anything different about me...? Yes! You guessed it, you can see my eyes! LoL! I cut my bangs a couple days ago because they were getting to that length where I had to look under my bangs at people, super uncomfortable! Ha!Ha!
I did the "two hairbuns" thing on my hair again, I'm thinking it's the easiest way I've ever curled my hair.

How would you style this shirt?


  1. Cute! I'm actually wearing a really similar vest right now...I love that boho crochet style.(: and I love your hair!


  2. I am absolutely mesmerized by your hair! It is so long, thick, and healthy. So jealous! x

  3. Your hair is so gorgeous! And I read at one blog that you don;t wear make up :) well, you look amazing without it <3


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