What I Wear-Aqua Blue Shirt

You are allowed to yell, cry and have a complete breakdown on me-I'm ashamed of my blogging habits! I'm trying to get on a regular blogging schedule, I'm just not very good at it! On top of the fact that I'm lazy busy,      my outfits have been "casual" (to say the least). We helped set up for the local homeless shelter's annual fundraiser banquet, so I've been wearing jeans, tee shirt and hoodie most of this week. Today's outfit is also casual, but I'm dressed it up a bit by adding hoop earrings and dress boots.

I was super excited to find this blue jean skirt in Helena! My old one has gotten too big (yay!) and no longer fits! This one also has a button holding the slit together, making it extra modest! I've had problems finding blue jean skirts that don't have a gigantic slit in back (or worse, front!). For girls who like to wear skirts, knee length (or longer) blue jean skirts are like an old pair of blue jeans-you wear them till they're no longer wearable! They go with everything, they're casual and cute-what's not to love?!

I'm Wearing: Hat? Shirt-Thrifted ($3) Skirt-Thrifted ($4) Boots-Forever 21 ($30) 

What's your "go to" skirt look like?


  1. Wow. I am *not* a fan of tie-dye. I think it is just waaay too... too much. :P But this long sleeved shirt and the way you styled it is making me re-think my *absolute* rule. :D
    Cute boots, too. :)

  2. Cute! :D I love my jean skirt. Its getting a bit small though. I need to find a new one so i can wear it this summer. :) Would you like to do a button swap? let me know :)

    Keep Shining, Lizzy <3

  3. I love your boots! Soooo pretty! ^^ and I agree! It's hard finding the perfect denim skirt! I almost picked up a denim maxi skirt at Goodwill yesterday, but then ended up coming home with a black jersey maxi (for half the cost of the denim one---yay!), so I'll have to keep up the search for a longer, slitless denim skirt.(;


  4. I love your teeshirt. Sweet and pretty

  5. Woohooo for skirts getting too big! That's one of the best feelings in the world :) My go-to skirt is a denim wrap-skirt that's actually a little big, but I just wear it a little lower and wear my extra long tank tops with it. It's a little short, so I always wear tights or leggings with it :)

  6. I absolutely Love your boots!

  7. Not really fond of this jean skirt, but it still looks great and cute on you.


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