What I Wear- Different Shades Of Blue

I'm wearing: 
Turquoise shirt-Old Navy ($9) Blue and black scarf-Plato's closet ($4) Black beaded cardigan-Maurices ($10) Black pencil skirt-($10) Dark blue tights-?? Black boots-Go Jane ($20) 

Hey everyone! So I'm going to try very hard to post more frequently, I'm aiming for every two days. We'll see! I realize it's nice to have new posts frequently to read, and I enjoy other people posting frequently! I'm just really bad about going through clothing slumps where I wake up and throw on sweats. I don't even want to see my outfits on those days! 
I went a little quirky with my outfit today by pairing dark blue tights with turquoise shirt. Not sure if I like the outcome or not...
Do you ever put on an outfit, go to post it, and decide you don't really like it after all? I do that frequently (unfortunately!). So my verdict on this outfit? could be better! : ) 

What do you wear on "bad clothes" days?


  1. This is beautiful!! I love the scarf with the sweater- the blacks in the sweater just *POP*. The fact that the shirt matches the scarf so well is also awesome. I love that you can pull of a straight skirt like that- I so don't have the figure for those! So, wear em girl! ;)

    What do I wear on bad clothes days? Long denim skirt and boyfriend tee with flip flops. And then I change halfway through the day because I feel like getting dressed by that point. :P

    It'd be awesome if you would post more!!

  2. Ooo, love the blues. They look great on you. On "bad clothes" days I wear exercise pants and ugly t-shirts. =)

  3. Cute! I love outfits with aqua and black put together :)

  4. Cute oufit! I love blue...

    Hmmm... on bad clothes days??? I wear jeans (or a jean skirt) and a t-shirt a lot... :) Sweats are amazing too...

    Have a blessed day, Natasha!

  5. I love this outfit Natasha! :-) Mixing colors is fun and I think it looks lovely!! :-)

  6. Great outfit! The scarf really ties everything in and looks really, really cute!!!

  7. I actually really like how you paired those colours together - you wouldn't think it would go, but it really does, and adds a bit of an unexpected pop of colour. :) Very cute!

  8. I think this outfit is pretty cute. I do that all the time (think something looks bad after putting it on the blog) though it is becoming less frequent as I learn form my mistakes haha. Taking pics of yourself really helps you grow your personal style because you can really analyze everything but it is hard not to be too hard on yourself!

  9. I really like this outfit, it's actually one of my favorite of the one's I've seen on this blog, probably because I love mixing shades of the same color. :)

  10. Beautiful combination. Scarf and a cardigan sweater. Aqua blue looks good.


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