What I Wear- Teal Shirt And Your Questions Answered!

Thanks for all of your responses! I enjoyed reading your different modesty standards as well! If you haven't already, please check out my Q And A post and leave a question!
I know this outfit isn't "fantastic" but it's what I'm wearing today! And since you all have expressed that you want me to post more often, posts will also include my casual, not so cute days! : P

I thought I'd lump a few of your questions together:
Where do you buy most of your clothes/Where is your favorite place to shop for modest clothes?
I would have to say that 70% of my wardrobe is made up of thrifted items (Mostly Goodwill). 100% of my wardrobe is inexpensive (we all know it's distasteful to say "cheap" *wink*) I've bought very few items of clothing at full price, and if they're full price, they're priced low. If I buy retail, I shop the sales racks at: Maurices, Vanity, JcPenney and occasionally Herbergers. I live in a small town that has one mall, and the aforementioned stores are basically all the clothing stores in town (aside from thrift shops). It's always a treat be able to visit places near by, and mall heaven (AKA Spokane WA : P) I would love to be able to buy from the amazing modest online stores, however I just can't afford most of them. My solution? Shop in town and adapt clothing to make it meet my modesty standards.

I'm wearing: Teal JcPenney's Shirt ($9) Lace Maurices Vest ($5) Brown Forever 21 Boots ($30) Brown Suede Thrifted Skirt ($3) Necklaces, Claires ($3, $1) 
What got you interested in fashion? 
I had to think on this question for a bit! I have to admit that I was never very interested in fashion until my teens. My wardrobe used to consist of Winnie the Pooh Bear sweatshirts and blue jeans. That's not to say that I wasn't a creative dresser (just ask my mom!) I have photos of me wearing a bathing suit with a sweatshirt underneath! Maybe if I get brave, I'll scan some old photos  and post them! Maybe...

I guess my interest in fashion started when my cousin and I started a magazine called "Keller Fashion Magazine" (2004 I think?). I have a bazillion paper magazines on lined paper that I made. We called  it Keller fashion after Helen Keller. We all had made up names (mine was Allegra Keller). After doing those for awhile, I had a small email loop (consisting mostly of family and a few close friends) called...*drum roll* Keller Fashion Weekly! Keller fashion weekly then dwindled to Keller Fashion Monthly. And then, in 2009 after reading Amanda Beth Online for a year or so, and enjoying it so much, my mom gave me permission to start my blog! And the rest is history!

Where do you look for inspiration?
As I said in the question above, I live in a small town. Most people wear hoodies and jeans where I live, so I rarely get inspiration in town (although one time I did get inspiration from a girl in Wal Mart who introduced me to my first layering look-three different colored tank tops stacked on top of one another) I find out what's "in" and get inspired by you, Bloggers! My favorite blogs are the ones that focus on outfit posts and fashion. Aside from blogs, Disney channel TV shows...did I just say that?! Yes, I did! I'm lame, I watch tween shows with my family! : ) So I guess you'd have to say that I get my inspiration from observation! If I see a cute outfit on a blog, or TV, I'll mentally file it away and recreate in my own way with my wardrobe. 

Where do you buy most of your clothes from? 


  1. LOVE your outfit! Right now I've been shopping at Goodwill and Khols the most. But I haven't been shopping in quite awhile. AH! :D

  2. Cute! I love the teal shirt with the cream vest!--the colors are so pretty together!

    Most of my wardrobe is from Goodwill too! I hate shelling out tons of money for just one article of clothing, soooo thrift stores and clearance racks are the way I shop! I also really like Ross and Marshall's...their clearance is amazing!


  3. I actually buy most of my clothes at thrift stores too! Like You, I would love to be able to shop at cute modest stores online, but I just can't afford it. My town only has one clothing store, which I don't shop because it's mostly overpriced, so I buy clothes at walmart too. You know, walmart actually has some cute stuff :) And when I get to a bigger town every once in a while I like shopping the clearance racks at Target and Kohls :)


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