What I Wear-These Boots, again?!

I'm Wearing: Purple Vanity Shirt, White Halftee c/o Halftee, Grey Thrifted Roxy hoodie, Polka dot thrifted skirt, Brown Forever 21 boots. 

Hey everyone! So I'm thinking you may get sick of seeing me in these boots! I decided to try out wearing them all day, and they're surprisingly comfortable! Normally I don't wear hardly any heel at all (I'm 5"8, pretty tall for where I live) but these boots were so cute I couldn't pass them up, and the heel isn't super high, just an inch and a half. So, high enough to be cute, but low enough I'm comfortable in them. I find that with some shoes, if you take away the heel, they look atrocious! They're also perfect for this "in between" season-50 deg. in Montana this time of year is super nice! However, not quite nice enough for flip flops (I'm considering wearing them soon anyway...) 

To balance out the dressyness (is that a word?!) I paired the outfit with a casual Roxy hoodie. Be prepared to see these boots so many times, you'll barf when you see them! : ) I also wore my Halftee again! So comfortable and perfect! The more I wear it, the more I like it! My mom and I are planning on placing an order with them soon! 
QUESTION: Flats or heels? 


  1. What a pretty outfit. I love skirts...

    Flats or heels??? I wear both, depending on what looks best with my outfit. I love heels, but sometimes its best for me to wear flats since I can reach 6' tall when I wear heels (I'm 5'9'' barefoot). :) Both are amazing though!

    God bless!

  2. They are really cute boots! I love them :-)

  3. Well I like tennis shoes, preferably converse, and I like flats and heels! I could never decide. I'm barely 5'1 so heels are nice to give me a little extra height, but flats, well their easy, comfortable, and casual. :) I love me a good pair of heels though. I'm torn.

  4. Pretty skirt! And I love the combination of light purple and gray.

    I am 5'8" too and I love heels. I don't wear them much anymore because my husband is sliiightly shorter than me. I totally agree though, some shoes just need their heels!

  5. So cute! It's so Little House in the Prairie! In a good way! And the periwinkle color is very pretty, perfect to welcome spring season.

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  6. Just found your blog thru Christian Fashion Bloggers! You're adorable, love your style!

  7. What a pretty outfit! I love them :)

    And flats or heels? I LOVE heels...But I'm 5'7 or 5'8. So I can't wear heels too much. So, I will say a pair of cute flats. :)

  8. Hi! I like the flowing skirt paired with those structured boots :)

    I'm about 5'8" but any little heel is great. It just makes my pants hang better. The best all-around height is a 1" heel. Barely there, but just enough.

  9. Flats. I'm between 5'9 and 5'10 so if I ever hope to "catch" a husband I'll be sticking to flats. ;D


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