What I Wear-Which Outfit?

I'm wearing: Floral dress, boots, black pencil skirt- Forever 21. Red Belt-?? Lace vest-Maurices. Black shrug-Thrifted

Hey everyone! In case you're wondering why I have posted photos of what appears to be two different outfits: I have decision issues. I put the black shrug on this morning, and then had my younger brother take photos. Then came inside, looked at the photos and decided I didn't like the black shrug with the outfit. So then my nice brother took my photos again, with the lace vest on instead. But then I wasn't sure I didn't like the black shrug. So I'm posting mainly lace vest outfit photos, because I think  I'm not sure  maybe  unsure I like the lace vest look. So did I make the right choice? I guess I'm taking an outfit poll here:
Which do you like better- black shrug outfit, or lace vest outfit?  


  1. I like how the black shrug matches the black skirt.

  2. Honestly, you could go with either one! :) I know that doesn't help much, but I like both! I would say, since it looks rather cold where you're at, to wear the black shrug... then when its warmer you can mix it up by wearing the (gorgeous) lace vest. :)

    God bless!

    PS. Btw, I love the way you lengthened your dress to below the knee by putting a skirt underneath. I've done that before too!

  3. I personally like the black shrug better, since it goes well with the black skirt. With the red belt, I feel like the lace makes the outfit a bit busy. Still, that's just my opinion, since I like a more minimalistic look.(; either one is cute, and I love your boots!


  4. The lace vest matches the dress much better.

    It is the black skirt that doesn't match. The color is too harsh and the style is too structured for the light bohemian style dress.

    Cute boots!

  5. I like either one, but I agree that with snow on the ground, go with the shrug and save the top/vest combo for slightly warmer weather.

  6. I just came across this outfit ( and it reminded me of what you are wearing here and the girl has a skirt in just the color you need! She links to where she got it from in her post.

  7. I like how the black skirt matches the black shrug! :)

    So the black shrug outfit looks better in my opinion.


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