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First of all, I want you to know that I sacrificed my arms in order that you might see the cool sleeves on my shirt! I just about froze to death! Well...that might be a slight exaggeration...

Just got finished exercising (ChaLEAN Extreme-Burn Intervals). I'm so proud of myself! It's a 45 minute workout, which might not seem like a long time, but believe me! It's super hard! It's crazy to think that when I first started exercising with Turbo Jam, 7 minutes of a 16 minute workout nearly killed me! I say that, not because I think I'm fantastic because I can do a 45 minute workout, but because it goes to prove that anyone can get fit! No person is too young or too old to exercise! (With the exception of weight lifting for the very young and people with illnesses etc.) It amazes me anytime I do any research on fitness or nutrition, that our bodies are so capable! God thought of absolutely everything when He designed our bodies! We have to keep changing the exercises we do because our body goes "Hey! We're doing this again...okay! I'll adapt!"

Photo Credit: Patience and Onan Atkerson 
QUESTION: If you could do ANY exercise (regardless of physical limitations) what would it be? 


  1. I looooove your shirt! ^^ Even if you did have to sacrifice your arms to show it off!(; Sooo cute!

    And congrats! I am pretty sure that exercising like that would kill me at this point (though I am sick, so that does make a difference!)! I really want to start doing TaeBo again...maybe like twice a week?(: That's what I would choose to do! Though if it would be any exercise, I would probably choose mountain biking (I can't even ride a bike, though...) or swimming.


  2. I recently started doing yoga and that is so much more of a workout than I ever expected! I am really enjoying it though.

    Congrats on doing your workout! Sounds like a real accomplishment!

  3. Beautiful shirt!!!! Love it!

    Working out is such a struggle for me since I'm asthmatic. I love being thin and fit, but its hard (especially when its cold outside) for me to find creative ways to exercise. I've been trying though... hopefully I'll get some swimming in during my family vacation later this week at the indoor pool! Yay!!!

    God bless!

  4. Very cute outfit! Whew, it's been a long time since I commented. Keep up the great work Natasha!

  5. Hi Natasha!

    What a great outfit! I've just started following.

    Your outfits are so awesome and creative. :)

    Hope you will check my blog out too.


  6. Although it may have been freezing, it is SO lovely to see the sleeves on this dress. They are so refreshing and pretty! ❤


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