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Hey, guess what I found out?! Life isn't all about me! Shocking, right?  Some things happened this week that made mad, and of course when those things happened I started asking a question I have no right to ask: Why. Why are you doing this, God? Why do I have to go through this? Why do I have to feel alone? And God promptly convicted me through the Bible and Crazy Love By Franics Chan. In Crazy Love, he makes the point of an extra in a movie making a huge deal over himself. He invites all his friends and family to come see "him" in the movie. Except he's just an extra in the movie, not the star. Basic idea is that we're all extras in a movie about God. Why do place ourselves at the center of God's movie? Why on earth do we think we're so important that nothing bad, frustrating or heartbreaking should happen to us?! I don't always understand the trials and frustrations God allows into my life. I don't know that I'll ever understand them completely. What I do understand is that God is amazing, glorious and capable of dealing with all my problems! Nothing is too big for Him, because nothing is bigger than Him. Above all else I'm so grateful, that even though God is so amazing and powerful, He still loves and cares about me. So what did I learn this week? To get my eyes off myself, and focused on God. With my eyes on Him I will never sink, I can walk on water.      

"It is he who made the earth by his power, who established the world by his wisdom, and by his understanding stretched out the heavens." Jeremiah 10:12 

I love the lyrics to a new song I've discovered 

by Dara Maclean: "Nothin' You Won't Do"
There You go
There You go
Doing what You do
Chasing me, lovin' me
You ain't afraid to
Move the universe, just to prove
Yeah, that if I was
The only one
Here on the planet
You would still send Your Son
Cause You couldn't stand it
To see me anywhere but next You
Ain't nothing that You won't do

There's no one like You
Nothing more true
No one loves me like You do


  1. I want your boots! And hat and shirt and lacy tank and yeah! You look very put together.

    You're so right- life isn't about us! Just sometimes wish the reminders weren't so hard to take. :-/ Hopefully with each one though we grow closer to Christ and the next one comes easier. :)

  2. love the outfit! <3 And I am 13. :)


  3. I love this outfit! That lace vest is so cute! :) I found Crazy Love to be such a good book too. It's so easy to get a wrong perspective of ourselves and God, but He truly deserves all the glory!


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