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If it's inappropriate to apologize for the same thing over and over, please skip over this coming line.
I'm so sorry I haven't blogged more! In case you're still scratching your head wondering what "B.M.I.A" stands for: Blogger missing in action.
That pretty much describes me! I have absolutely no excuse, other than that I'm trying to get school finished so I can take off for the Summer and my outfits lately shouldn't even be seen by me-yeah that bad!

I'm going to try very hard to get an outfit post up soon, but if not, I have a little surprise for you all on the 18th (check back then!).

Instead of posting my outfit for today (blue jean skirt, green shirt and messy hair...bleh!) I thought I'd share a couple pictures of a few nights ago:

Brother Kendall and his wife Jamey

We had a family devotional led by my eldest brother Kendall! Which if you only knew how cool that is...
My brother went through some struggles for awhile, but God is faithful and amazing! He can do anything we ask, even above and beyond (and usually does). 


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This is an open discussion, being so, I'm open to other people's opinions! However, please keep the discussion nice and if you'd like to critique something, please do it tactfully! I.E-instead of "I hate that outfit!" putting, "I think the outfit is a bit miss matched, however I like ___."
Your comments are so appreciated-you rock!
Proverbs 3:5-6

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