What I Wear- Vintage Cream Skirt + Siblings

(please excuse the damp hair that resembles greasy hair!) : P

I'm wearing: Thrifted shirt, Thrifted skirt and Wal Mart Flip flops
The weather turned from super bad on Friday (we got about a foot of snow!), to absolutely gorgeous this week! It's supposed to be 70 tomorrow! Yes, if you live in Montana, you need to keep your Summer and Winter wardrobe very close! I hope you all had a lovely Resurrection Day! Mine was fun and "interesting". We had church outside and just prayed that God would warm it up. Before church started, I thought my fingers were going to fall off with frost bite! However the sun shone about 9:50 (10 minutes before church starts) and warmed it up nicely! God is so good! 
I had a "stretching" experience-I sang into a mike! I'm pretty shy, when I first started playing bass guitar for worship a couple years ago, I hated being on stage. Now I really enjoy it! But this Sunday was my first time singing into a mike, pretty scary by my estimations. But I just had to remind myself that I wasn't singing for anyone but Jesus, that helped. I did manage to get the song out without completely chocking on it! : )

I've been thinking lately about the influence of a sibling, mostly from reading "It's (not that) complicated" by the Botkin sisters. In the book they talk about the influence we have over our brothers, good or bad. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a perfect sister (with God's help I'm working on it). I often blow up, get annoyed and nag. Nagging has to be my biggest frustration. Sometimes it just comes out without my even thinking about it. It's been a real struggle to break this habit, obviously I haven't broken it yet. Our mood can often change the whole families mood, for better or worse. If your younger sibling sees you treat your mom or dad in a disrespectful way, they think it's okay. Am I saying it's your fault "little Sally" is having a hissy fit in the store? No. Is it possibly your fault, because you started it? End it. Be a positive influence on "little Sally" and show her it's not appropriate, show her how to respect. Often times "little Sally" is emulating something she saw you do. 

Anyway, my point is, we as older siblings do affect our younger siblings (brothers and sisters). I was thinking more specifically about how we can affect our younger sisters's modesty. It doesn't just apply to blood sisters either, there can be someone at church, school, etc., that looks up to you as a "sister". The way we dress and act can have a huge positive or negative effect on your younger sister. So take the time you have with your siblings and influence them for the better! Encourage your little sister in her modesty journey. Help her dress stylish and modest at the same time.  


  1. That.skirt.

    ADORABLE! Seriously love it- awesome find! I hope you'll wear it often this summer. :D like your earrings, too.

    I agree about our mood effecting the whole family! I needed to hear that. It reminded me of a post I did on my personal-journal-type blog last July, if you want to read it:
    Thanks. :) Have a great day!

  2. What a pretty outfit, Natasha! Your skirt is so lovely!!!

    I definitely know the importance of encouraging younger sisters to dress modestly. I have four younger sisters (two of which are beautiful teenaged ladies). The temptation is there for all of us to dress "on the border" somtimes, but as the oldest girl, I know I need to set an example of femininity and modesty. God has blessed me in that now (it wasn't always this way) my sisters are constantly asking me for fashion tips, ideas for outfits, and if "this is modest or not". They are coming up with new styles of their own and are growing into modest young women (inside and out). I'm grateful for the opportunity to minister to them and also to minister to others through occassionally posting outfit ideas on my blog. :) It's also fun that my almost eigh-year-old sister is now asking whether something is modest or not. :)

    God bless!!!

  3. Ohhh the weather looks nice in these photos! :-) I love your skirt... so pretty!

  4. Your hair is so long and lovely! I had been interested to read that book (It's (not that) Complicated)...would you recommend it?


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