One Skirt Three Days-Day 1 Thrifted!

I'm Wearing: Blue Striped Shirt-Thrifted, Black Shrug-Thrifted, White Skirt-Thrifted, Boots-Forever 21
I had no idea everything except my boots was thrifted today! 
Today is the first day of the "One Skirt, Three Day, Three Blogger" fashion event! As usual, I'm about ten to fifteen steps behind everyone else! Olivia and Ashley both had their's up earlier this afternoon! We had company over for lunch and more company coming tonight! While I like having company, it puts a damper on blogging! So I guess this is my little excuse session! I tried three different skirts on this morning, none of them satisfactory! But I feel like this one will be good for both the weekend and Sunday. It was hard trying to find something functional that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion! But this skirt should work nicely for all of the above.

I can't believe it snowed last night! But I suppose that's life in Montana for you! I love Montana, but sometimes it get NUTS! Last Monday was 80 deg, and now there is snow on the ground! Definitely keeps me guessing, that's for sure!

Be sure to check out Ashley and Olivia's outfits as well! Both of them have lovely blogs that I encourage you to follow! 

 Don't forget to link up YOUR outfit below! 


  1. Cute Natasha, I can't wait to see the next two outfits you create... : )

    P.S. I posted my outfit here:

  2. Oh! I love your skirt and boots, Natasha!! Especially the skirt - it's so my style:)

  3. I hate snow after you get a taste of Spring! It can be depressing! :-) It happens here in Romania all the time too so you aren't alone. Love your outfit... those boots are really cute. Can't wait to see how you style your skirt for the next 2 days! :-)

  4. Super cute! I love your skirt! The lace is so pretty!
    I'm hopiing to get a chance to do this too, but my outfits will have to be up a little late because of exams.(:


  5. I LOVE your skirt! Lace looks fabulous on you :)

  6. As always, I LOVE it! I never really liked lace, but you have won me over!


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