One Skirt, Three Days, Three Bloggers-Day 2

I'm Wearing: Orange Shirt-Thrifted $1.99, Scarf-Wal Mart $?, White Skirt-Thrifted-$3.99 Black Ballet Flats-Payless $10 

Today is day two of the three day event! I'm thinking I should always wear the same skirt! It was so easy to put together this outfit! Usually I'll stare at my closet trying to find a new outfit, with no success! However, today I knew I was wearing this skirt. From there I found a shirt, and added the scarf and jewelry. I know the scarf doesn't "go" with this outfit, but somehow it does! I immediately put this scarf on, no idea why! So forgive me if I've just created a major fashion no-no (not that I care....). Fashion "rules" are highly overrated! I give you permission to go forth and break every fashion rule you can think of! *chuckles*
Anywho...Tomorrow is Sunday, so I saved the last for best! I'm hoping to take a shower and braid my hair later today, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. 

Be sure to check out Ashley and Olivia's outfits as well! Both of them have lovely blogs that I encourage you to follow! 

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  1. Beautiful color combo!! I don't usually like orange, but I love this outfit=)

  2. Natasha, I LOVE this combo! The colors go together perfectly! And actually I think the scarf is the perfect looks really cute together. :-)

  3. I love the orange and brown colors together, and your scarf is so pretty!

  4. Actually, now that I'm looking at it, I think it's black, not brown! Is that correct? :)

  5. Lovely colors! Great outfit:)


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