What I Wear-Blue And Brown!

I'm Wearing: Blue shirt-Thrifted, Brown skirt-Hand-me-down

My mother's generation believes that sticking your greasy dirty hair into a ponytail makes it clean (without a shower of course!). Me? I believe a hat magically cleans my hair! LOL! I'm trying to decide what I want to do with my bangs. They get greasy really easy, and I'm not sure if I should grow them out or not...?

This skirt is actually a hand me down of sorts from my sister-in-law. We did a skirt swap awhile back, and I got this skirt! : ) This one was too long for her, and we gave her a skirt that didn't fit us. Works out pretty good!


  1. I do the hat thing to! Not just when it is dirty... but if it is a mess and I don't feel like fixing it! :-)

  2. Wow, that hat is pretty awesome. Love your hair too. Do you straighten it?

  3. Blue and brown are so beautiful together:)

    I had bangs for a while but they got greasy really easily, which in turn made my face break out the worst it ever has. So, I'm growing them out and I'm happy I decided to do that.

  4. Cute! Haha, and I believe the same thing about greasy hair! Hats are like magic!



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