What I Wear-Feminine Khaki Dress

I'm Wearing: Khaki dress-Plato's Closet, Floral scarf-Debs, Jeggings-Target

Hey everyone! I'm back from my Spokane trip (got back on Monday actually). Haven't really felt like blogging. Our dog bit my sister-in-law on the lip on Saturday night, and we had to put the dog down on Tuesday. So it's been an emotional roller coaster! I don't even really like animals and I had a pretty hard time with it. On top of that my dad was gone on a business trip (just got back today). It's been one thing after another-including almost being sideswiped by a school bus and almost plowing into a van stopped in the middle of a road (going 60mph!). So it's been a pretty stinky week! : ) 

On a happier note, Spokane was fun. I picked up this dress at Plato's Closet and the scarf from Debs. 
I added the floral scarf to give it a more feminine feel-since the khaki is more on the masculine side. I have no idea how someone could wear this dress by itself! I'd feel super uncomfortable in this short of a dress with the slit up the front on top of that!


  1. Cute! Though I agree with you, I could never wear it without the jeggings. I get sorta uncomfortable in a dress that is even a few inches above my knee if I don't have something underneath.
    Oh, I LOVE your hair! It is so pretty. =)

  2. Cute! I love khaki, but it always makes me think of safaris, haha. I love the way you added a feminine touch to your khaki!


  3. I love your dress! Your right, I could never wear that without leggings or something :) I love how you styled it though!

  4. Such a cute outfit! Sounds like you had a rough week! Hope this ones a better one. :)

    I could never wear that dress alone either. Haha

  5. Sorry about your rough week! :( Hope it cheers up for you soon! Love this dress... it looks so nice with the jeggings. :-)

  6. Yikes, this was both a rouph and scary week for you! (nothing like near misses in cars to give you the shivers!) I really like how you made these legging work, they give your dress such a cute and fun feeling. (I see what you mean about the slit! I'm not opposed to a shorter skirt, but that slit takes it into danger territory. So very cute with the legging, and I love your glamorous shades.^_^)

  7. Hi, you look so lovely! This color very suits for you and the designer sunglasses gives very fresh look! I found your blog really very modest & stylish! Hope to be in touch! :)

  8. Cute!

    xo Jennifer

  9. I really love this look! The scarf is very cute.


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