What I Wear-Floral Peasant Top

The weather has been so insane lately that I was unsure what to wear! It snowed like three inches yesterday, but as you can see it's gone now! I wanted to wear this long shirt/short dress today, so I paired it with black leggings and my Forever 21 boots. I'm trying to get more creative with my wardrobe, and use items I haven't worn much. Why let something sit in your closet if you're not going to wear it?! I'm notorious for buying items and not wearing them. So now I'm trying to wear more of my closet, and mix it up!
On a side note, my birthday is in 9 days...I'm going to be 18...isn't that the oldest age ever?! In my opinion, 18 is ancient. 20 is older than dirt (or so my 10 year old self told my older sister...) 
What is "old" to you?


  1. Sheesh! You're making me feel like I should be giving firsthand accounts of the Civil War! I already thought I was getting old by turning 21 in 6 days!

    1. Lol! I have a joke going around with our friends that somehow I am this virtuous person, and my status of perfection is raised above the rest.. not sure how that ever happened. Obviously it's not true!! Natasha, I just love the pattern on that dress! I need to get out things from my closet too, I hardly wear somet of my stuff- and yet I keep it. :)
      I consider.... 20 is old. It's funny because 19 and 20 are so vastly different to me!

  2. First, off, I love your shirt/dress :) I always thought 18 was so old, and I'd be mature and tall and just perfect by then. Ha. Ha ha. How wrong I was! I still feel like a little kid, never got very tall, and it would take years to make a list of my faults. But I will say, it SOUNDS impressive to be 18 :)

  3. I guess I'm ancient :) haha. Cute outfit. I really like the shirt/dress. Where did you get it?

  4. lol well then, I suppose I'm older then dirt. ;)

  5. I like the dress and boots together, v. nice mix! I love all things with small floral vintage print!

  6. Beautiful! I really like the black paired with the brown boots.


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