Family Visit! WARNING: Picture Heavy! : )

Sunday my uncle, two cousins and grandparents were able to come visit us from Colorado! The cousins and uncle only stayed a couple days, but it was fun none the less! : ) We were able to visit a mining museum. There was an accident with my camera (it's okay now) so I took these photos with my i-pod. They actually turned out pretty well considering they were taken by an i-pod!
Left to Right (back row): Grandpa, brother Onan, Uncle David. Front row: sister Patience, Me, Cousin Danielle, Grandma, Cousin Emily. 
Couldn't resist taking a photo in front of this textured door at the mining museum

Left to right: Me, brother Onan, sister Patience, cousins Danielle and Emily

 What mining museum post would be complete without the cage picture?! This is what they used to lower people and mules down into the mines (a sort of rickety elevator!) they said about 7 men could fit on the way down, but they crammed 10 skinny men on the way up!

I have no idea what this machine is...but didn't it make a cute picture?! 

We also took an underground tour (a lot to soak up!) 

We were equipped with belt for battery pack and miners helmet with light. 
brother Onan, Me, cousin Emily, sister Patience, cousin Danielle, Grandma, Grandpa 
At the beginning they had a cool little part that had a bunch of doll houses, this is the only one I got a picture of! : ) 

Their was also a florescent rock display-turned everything white like this! : ) 

Sister Melissa

Sister-in-law Jamey and brother Kendall

We also pulled out Onan's 4-wheeler and taught everyone to  ride it! Even Grandma!

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