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I picked up this mint green shirt at Vanity yesterday for $13. I've been wanting something in this color, it's weird, I'm almost drawn to that color. It's a relatively new color (at least for me...) I paired it with a white lace tank underneath (also from Vanity), white thrifted skirt and flip flops from Rue 21. 

On the more serious side, I'd appreciate prayer for all the fires going on-a couple quite near where I live. My Uncle, Aunt and two Cousins live in Colorado, and were evacuated earlier this evening. Please pray they get the fire out near us and them. 

I wobble back and forth between worrying about the fires and just trusting God. I tend to think trusting God is a little more effective than being a worry wart. It's sort of funny that we humans somehow think worrying helps! All it does is give you wrinkles, white hair and a nasty scowl on your face! : ) 


  1. Hi Natasha,

    Thanks for your comment and for thinking of me! I feel so foreign to the blogging community now, because it has been a LOOOooOng time since I last checked up on anyone! To answer your question, Rob and I have been working a lot on our small business together. It's really nice working for a living with your husband, even though I know most people probably don't recommend it (more not needed drama). I don't know, we just work well together, or at least we try. I'm over college now (actually, I stopped on my last year). I figured a degree isn't really necessary to what I'm doing, but please don't be discouraged with your college plans. I LOVED college, but it was just unnecessary for me once I found something better than what college promised to give me.

    So, that's what I've been up to right now. I would like to be online more often, but I really would like to write maybe with a group of people or start some kind of business online with a higher purpose. Maybe related to modesty, but I think I'd need to work with someone, so I don't just leave it behind. If you have any thoughts, just give me a shout! :)

    Your hair looks lighter in these photos. Is that just the sun?

  2. You look really cute Natasha! Love that mint green top. It is so pretty! :-) Praying for your family... stay safe!!

  3. I love mint green. It looks great on you! I really hope to find something mint green. :)

    I will pray for the safety of your family.

  4. Those fires are terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that you have family that had to be evacuated. I hope they get these dang fires under control soon!


  5. And I totally copied and pasted the wrong link. Ha ha! I don't know how that happened! I think I was trying to send that link over to a friend on facebook. I'm at Fashion and Beauty Finds

  6. You are looking fabulous in this outfit. I am really very impressed by the way you have dressed. I just love the mint green top very much as it looks so beautiful and gorgeous.

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