What I Wear-Really?!

Shirt-Herbergers, White Tank-Vanity, Shorts-Goodwill, Flip Flops-Rue 21
So in the spirit of honesty and showing my true self (not just an internet personality) I'm sharing this outfit. Between the heat, busyness and being plain uninspired, this is what I've been living in lately. Honestly, I was going to try to put together a nicer outfit to post. Then I got to thinking, why exactly was this outfit okay for people I live with to see, and not my readers? The answer-It's just fine! I'd like to think that I dress stylishly every day, but I don't! Some days I look like this-greasy hair "magically" made clean by pulling it up into a ponytail, tee shirt and shorts. Which then got me thinking about the way God sees us. Sometimes we like to show God our "post worthy selves"-instead of the real deal. What we don't realize is that God sees us in the good and the bad! We can't hide anything from Him. Even though we don't think we're worthy, we are! God loves you so much! You don't have to put on a front! Just be yourself, He created you that way!
I think the internet can be a good and a bad thing! The temptation to portray a different self is always there. But today I'm making the choice to just be. You may not be crazy about this outfit, but it's what I'm wearing! I'm not saying that I've been someone else in the past, I've been as true to my real self as I can over the internet. But there are times when I think "Oh, no one will like this outfit, why post it?!" Days like today are one of them! Guess what, I'm not a fashion plate or a model-I'm just me. And I'm comfortable with that! Perhaps there are ladies out there in the blog sphere who dress super fashionable all the time, I'm just not one them!   

Question: (be honest!) 
What are you wearing today-leave a link if you posted it-? 


  1. I really like your hair like that!

  2. It's super cute! Those shorts are a really nice length, too! I actually think its great when bloggers post more normal, everyday outfits, instead of always posting dressier looks, which are nice, but kind of give the impression that they're always dressed like that. so thanks for posting this! :D

    Your hair looks really cute up too. Have you ever tried milkmaid braids? Those are (were...I just got about five inches of hair chopped off!) one of my favorite greasy hair fixes!

    Right now I'm wearing a black, tiered flowy tee (soo comfy!) and denim capris. Prefect for lounging around the house in.(:


  3. That's super cute! Love the interest that the lacy tank gives.
    Your words are so true... I end up posting my favorite denim skirt every other post! :p
    I wore this today:
    Love that you also took the time to put on jewelry- it makes a huge difference!

  4. Aw, that's a cute outfit! I love the shirt. :)

  5. Right now (at 12:15pm) I'm still in my Aeropostale yoga pants and a comfy knit tank top! :-) I'll probably slip jeans and a tee shirt on later! :-) hehe.

  6. You look really pretty :) I like the outfit and your hair looks nice :)

  7. You hit the convicting nail right on the head today...the temptation is so great to always put on a different face in public, on our blogs, etc. than we actually have. Still, you are rocking those shorts! You are such an encouragement to me as summer approaches and once again my Jesus-loving-but-oh-so-blind friends are eager to jump into booty shorts, bikinis, etc. and it becomes harder and harder to not feel out-of-place because I like to be covered from shoulder to knee--thanks for staying strong!
    Right now, I'm wearing black sweatpants, a long but fitted gray roxy sweatshirt, and glasses, with my hair in four slept-in French braids. :)

  8. Natasha, you are such an encouragement! This outfit looks great, and I know how hard it is to look and dress modestly when it is so hot. My favorite part about this post is not that "you can still look good and be casual and modest", but that YOU are humble enough to admit "I"M NOT PERFECT!! I lounge around in this outfit from day to day and I don't look beautiful!!" I love this post. Thank you so much for convicting me. :)
    In Christ,


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