What I Wear- Brown And Turquoise

I've been having "clothing dilemmas" lately. Losing weight is good, but it's also stinky when it comes to clothes! I'm in an awkward stage now, my old clothes don't fit right and I'm in-between sizes. I'm thinking I'm going to have to get my serger out and re-fit some of my clothes. On top of that my wardrobe is taunting me! Really! Taunting me!  I tried like three different outfits on this morning before I settled on this one! That shirt doesn't go with that skirt, that shirt goes with this but not that...perhaps I'll just throw my hands up and call it quits-thus resorting to running around in my PJs all day. Yes, that's a disturbing mental image for me too....*GRIN* 

I got this shirt at Rue 21 recently, but got it home only to find out it's too short-thus the brown lace. I added an unexpected pop of turquoise with the necklace and bracelets. 

QUESTION: Where do you find outfit inspirations?  


  1. I like this outfit! I find my own outfit inspiration by pretty much staring at my closet until an outfit idea comes to me, or by reading blogs or pinterest. :)

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  3. You look great, Natasha! Love the outfit too. :-) Simple but really beautiful! Your hair looks amazing too... I'm a little bit jealous, mine is a big frizzy mess most of the Summer! :-) hehe.

  4. This is so cute! I love the sparkly shirt... :) And you look gorgeous in the first picture! (Love the flowing hair, too. :) )


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