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I've asked the lovely Olivia of Fresh Modesty, to do an interview with us! I rarely do interviews unless a Blogger really catches my eye-like Olivia! Her style is timeless, modest and just plain cute! She's a Christian, modest fashionista with a real talent for sewing (which I envy so much!). I hope after reading the interview, you'll hop over to Olivia's blog and check it out!
Natasha:Thanks for doing this interview with my readers and I! First off, introduce yourself to my readers and tell us a little about yourself!
Olivia: Hey y'all! I'm 19, oldest of 6, short, picky, blonde, and a northern transplant to the south trying to embrace country life after growing up in the suburbs. :) I was homeschooled and am now a stay at home daughter who enjoys sewing, blogging, and writing instructional eBooks in my "spare" time. :)
Natasha:How did you first get interested in modest fashion?
Olivia: You know, I'm not totally sure. I come from a creative family, and was taught to approach challenges as opportunities to have fun, so when I realized the importance of modest dressing, it immediately became modest and stylish dressing for me. :) I think also just around age 12/13 I grew up and started caring about my appearance.
Natasha:What/who inspired you to start fashion blogging?
Olivia: I was a member of the Sense and Sensibility sewing forum about 7 years ago, where we did "Week In Feminine Dress" where we would post our outfits and encourage each other in finding cute and modest outfits. It was always a lot of fun and I realized how many girls and women were discouraged about the way they dress. I also came across AmandaBeth Online and saw a great example of an oldest daughter using her talents to encourage others on the internet. So, I figured, "Why not?". :) I started my blog Fresh Modesty to dispel the myth that modest=frumpy. :D
Natasha:Any advice to my readers about dressing modestly AND fashionably?
Olivia: Simple layers! Layering is the easiest and most obvious way to turn fashionable- yet maybe not modest- clothes into something you can wear. It's important to not layer too much though and end up looking like your closet threw up on you that morning. :P I honestly don't follow trends too much since my budget doesn't allow for "here this season, gone next season" clothes. :P
Natasha:If your parents taught you about modesty, did you ever rebel?
Olivia: Of course! I remember crying every Sunday because my parents wished me to wear a skirt and I wanted to wear my favorite hole-y jeans. :P Once I was old enough to understand the reasons behind being modest, I've tried to take their advice as a good thing instead of feeling restricted. :)
Natasha:Where's your favorite place to shop for clothes?
Olivia: Thrift stores!  And Target. And Walmart. And Sears. And Kohl's. Yeah, pretty much anywhere with good sales. :)
Natasha:How long have you been a Christian for?
Olivia: I've grown up in a Christian home and "prayed the prayer" when I was 4, but it hasn't been until my teen years that I've really realized my need of a Savior.
Natasha:What are some websites you visit frequently?
Olivia: Yours! ;) And Bramblewood fashion. And Fashionable Inspirations. And Pinterest. :D I really have cut back my blog-reading time lately, so I'm pretty out of the loop as far as internet things go. :P
Natasha:Where do you look for fashion inspiration?
Olivia: Well, the blogs I just mentioned, Pinterest, and catalogs I get in the mail. :) Honestly though, my biggest inspiration comes from my friends. I'm so fortunate to have beautiful friends who desire to dress modestly and are some pretty naturally stylish people. :)
Natasha:What's your favorite form of exercise?
Olivia: Cleaning the house! :D It gets your heart rate up, gets you running, sometimes sweating, and you get something accomplished! I also do push ups and random "targeting" exercises I find online.
Natasha:Favorite natural beauty treatment?
Olivia: Sunshine! Nothing like good ol' vitamin D to give you energy and some color! People often say to avoid it, but if you're eating healthy and staying hydrated, the sun is awesome for you!
Organic coconut oil is my go-to moisturizer and it works like a dream.
Natasha:How do you keep cool during the Summer-clothing wise?
Olivia: I try to get some pieces that don't *have* to be layered. Or, if a shirt just needs a little something near the neckline, I'll just add a piece of fabric or a half-tank so I'm not wearing another full layer. Also, shorter skirts are divine for letting you breathe. :)
I also like to change multiple times a day so I don't just keep building up heat and grime and sweat until I'm a wreck. I'll take a minute after lunch to wash my face and arms, take a big drink of water, and maybe nap. :)
Natasha:If you could tell every girl on the planet one thing, what would it be?
Olivia: Clothes, jewels, boys, friends, stuff, beauty, or popular blogs will *never* make you complete. Only a surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ will bring you the happiness you long for. :)
Natasha:Anything else you'd like to add?
Olivia: Thanks so much for interviewing me, girl! I hope I've given a little bit of encouragement and I'd love to have your readers stop by my blog sometime!
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  1. Love this interview. It's always good to hear a variety of perspectives on modesty and fashions! Great questions, Natasha!


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