What I Wear-Vintage Pastel Dress

 I'm Wearing: Dress-Maurices, White Halftee C/O Halftee

My sister Patience (the lovely photographer) and I were able to take some more photos today! I wasn't entirely sure if I should or not, but I took photos out house. Yes we have an out house on our we don't use it. Yes we have indoor plumbing. Honestly, I couldn't resist the rustic wood backdrop-so, sorry if it's a disturbing background; it called out to my artistic nature. 

My hamstrings/back of my knee are killing me! Our neighbor gave us an Insanity workout-38 minutes total. I made it 20 minutes before I could no longer bear it-pure torture! I'm not in super good shape, but I can push myself...this one...not so much! I suppose I shouldn't complain about self inflicted muscle pain...but I will anyway! : ) I'm hoping to do a post soon on exercise and share some before and after photos with all of you!

Any plans for tomorrow? I plan on eating homemade pizza, drinking pop, watching a movie and probably painting my nails. I know, such a party animal! But really, that's my idea of a fun Friday night! I could eat pizza all day-love it!  


  1. You look like someone straight out of a storybook! So lovely, my dear! I adore the fabric of this dress and you look lovely in it! By the way, I love your long hair... I'm biased of course, being another gal with long hair! :-)

    God bless!

  2. Aha, I love the fact you used the outhouse as a backdrop. I totally would do the same. The artist inside of us I presume.

    Much love.

  3. Yikes. I don't think I'm ever going to get into those Insanity workouts or P90x.... I just don't think I want to look anything like those women with "ripped" abs. They look so manly. I guess I don't mind losing a bit of weight. I am secretly flabby in some areas. A lot of women are, even the really skinny ones! Some just know how to hide those areas. Exercise is really good for your body. Besides trying to look good, it's also good for your heart (prevents a LOT of illnesses). Okay. it's not like that info hasn't been taught a million times to us in Phys Ed.

    Oooh, I really like the backdrop :) I also like the pastels. I'm trying to go for more pastels too lately.

  4. Ha it's ok! We still don't have indoor plumbing at my parents home. :-) Romania is a little behind on some things!! At least your outhouse is cute! :-)


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