What I Wear-Modesty And Men Are Monsters

 I haven't written specifically about modesty in a very long time! Yes, this is a modesty blog. Honestly, I haven't had anything new to say on the subject-until today! 
A big part of why I think it's so important to dress modestly has to do with guys. I know a lot of women use the argument "Men aren't monsters! I can dress the way I want, it's up to them to control their thoughts!" or the opposite argument: "Men are monsters! I have to dress in a paper bag so they don't have lustful thoughts." I've got news for you: I don't believe either is the correct response!

"Men ARE Monsters!"
I'll first address the fact that men aren't  monsters! They think, act and do differently than women-they were created that way. But men are also more visual than women, which creates a problem. But it's more of a challenge than a problem! 
I absolutely believe that guys have a responsibility to God-and themselves-to control their thoughts and eyes. I also believe we girls can help with this! I know it's not always fun to put back that super cute (but immodest) shirt. But the way I think of it is this: guys are constantly bombarded by suggestive clothing, barely   there clothing and huge ads in mall windows. Wouldn't it be nice if they had just a few girls they could be around without having to look away? Girls they could respect for their minds, instead of their bodies? 

Can they look past someone's exterior, talk to a girl who isn't dressed modestly? Yes. But obviously it makes it harder for them to have pure thoughts-why put them through that? 

On the opposite side, you also don't have to dress in a paper bag! That's crazy and ridiculous. You can only dress so modestly-honestly there are guys who will still have "issues" with your paper bag. It's just the way things are-though I wish it wasn't. 

I believe it shows great respect for men when we try to help them-by dressing modestly. Life is hard enough as it is, make it easier on them! I read a neat story in a book (I believe it was Girl Talk With God)
The girl was in a worship service and was praising and worshiping God-even raised her hands. Her shirt rode up, causing problems for the guy behind her. She felt like God wanted her to sit down, she did. At first she was mad, "why God? I was worshiping You and praising You! I felt so close to You!" God responded: "Because (_____) was praying you'd sit down-you were being a distraction to him."
It was just a fictional story, but it made total sense to me! Ultimately our clothing choices can separate someone from God! I know that sounds a bit extreme-unfortunately that's what it comes down to. Your choice in clothing could affect a guys life very deeply.   

My main points are; dress modestly-relying on God to convict and guide your choices [paper bags are not an option ; ) ]. 
Men aren't monsters-they can control their thoughts and actions.
We can't dress anyway we want, simply because men can control themselves. 
We're showing the men in your lives so much respect when we dress modestly. 
 Hopefully I said everything clearly! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject-leave a comment! It's fine if you don't agree with me, I'd still like to hear from you-just keep it civil. ; ) 


  1. Way to go Natasha! I absolutely love this post! It is so true what you said! It most definitely is showing men respect. I agree with you that we don't have to wear paper bags! Keep the great posts coming! Blessings,

  2. This is such a HUGE issue. The Bible gives a simple command with no explanation as to why. We are aaaalllll supposed to be properly clothed-its been that way since the fall. We can say A reason for modesty is to save ourselves from our husbands and to help men in their thought lives, but THE reason is because God said end of story. And we cannot say why. People make it into a more sexual thing than perhaps it was meant to be. Modesty has always been an intriguing topic for me.

  3. Rachel Olivia:
    You're absolutely correct! GOD is the first and most important reason for dressing modestly. And YES, we're all supposed to dress modestly (even guys). Thanks for pointing that out! Realistically, I couldn't cover all those topics in one post-I'd love if you checked out my other posts on these subjects specifically on I did on guys:

  4. I agree Natasha! I think it is an issue to be balanced on. I think men should be strong enough to control themselves (like you said, there is only so much you can do...some guys will still lust after a girl covered head to toe! Creepy world we live in today!) and ultimately I believe it is their responsibility to keep their thoughts and eyes in check. But I also think that as a Christian girl, the right and God honoring thing for us it to dress in a godly way that pleases our Saviour and by doing respects the men around us as well. Lovely post! Hope you have a great weekend! Love, Marie :-)

  5. I love this and I totally agree with you.

  6. I love this. You need to find a happy medium between a frumpy 'paper sack' and a sexy revealing outfit.
    My husband says that you are being modest when your husband thinks you are attractive but isn't afraid that other guys will be lusting after you. :) He likes to throw in that taking less than 30 minutes to get ready in the morning is a good indicator. haha!

  7. Very good thoughts! As you saw on my blog my mom and I are "on our own" as far as modesty decisions go nowadays, and it's all about finding that happy medium between frumpy and seductive--easier said than done! Thank goodness we have Jesus!

    -Hannah =)
    These Little Hands


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