What I Wear-Sunday Stripes

I'm Wearing: {White Jacket-Vanity $9}{Striped Shirt-Thrifted $3.99}{Skirt-Thrifted $3.99} 

Today I'm actually wearing a decent outfit! I've been convicted (yet again) about dressing nicely. I forget how much it affects the way other people see you. You can whine and complain and say it isn't so, but it's true. What's one of the first things you notice about someone? Clothes! Whether because they're dressed nicely, or not so nicely. I'm not saying you should dress in formal attire all the time! But taking a couple extra minutes to get dressed can make all the difference. Your outfit can say things like: I respect myself, I respect other people and etc. It's also a representation of Christians, good or bad! I'm sure some of you are wondering why I'm saying this when it appears I have "greasy hair" (also an important thing to take care of!) Rest easy, it's clean-but wet! I never dry my hair-just throw it up in a towel and let it dry as much as possible and the rest, the air does. It helps keep my hair healthier and I actually like wet hair in the Summer, keeps me cool! Unfortunately I don't usually have time to let my hair dry (especially on Sundays!) to take pictures-thus you're subjected to wet, seemingly stringy hair. Oh well! 

Question: What's one thing you do to make an outfit nicer, that extra touch? 


  1. Your bangs look so PRETTY! I know you think I'm crazy. They're at the VERY annoying length (been there, done that) but they really look nice on you. :)

  2. Ugh I have a hard time dressing up too sometimes. It is too easy to just throw on your favorite old clothes! After I got married I felt really guilty for not always looking so nice, not that the husband expects me to be in pearls and curls when he comes home :) but something other than sweats or a ratty tee would probably be good and appreciated! My trick is to try and at least put on a decent top, a pair of jeans that fit nice, or if my outfit doesn't have a chance to change I try to put on a little makeup and fix my hair in the least! :-)

    I love your outfit btw!! The stripes and that jacket look adorable together!! :-) hope you have a lovely week Natasha!

  3. I really like this outfit! And you look SO pretty in it too!

  4. Cute outfit! Lately I've been trying to make myself put in a little more effort. It is easy when it is hot and humid to just throw on some old thing, but I don't really want to do that very often. I know you don't do makeup, but for me one thing that makes me feel a bit more put together is at least a little makeup, like mascara and lip gloss. And earrings!

  5. I like the wet hair look :) It's not bad! I know your hair isn't greasy in these photos, because your roots look dry! The top of the head is usually what dries up the fastest when your hair is wet (for me, at least.) Nice texture on your clothes!


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