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I was reading a blog the other day and came across a post she'd done on taking photos. I got to looking at her photos and tried to figure out why I liked them so much! So I called my photographer (little sister Patience) over and asked her to look at the photos. In the past I'd tried very hard to take good photos, but recently I settled for just getting dressed and running into the yard to take photos. So instead, I waited until we got back from town (when we had time to take photos) and we just spent a few extra minutes taking the photos. I think they came out better this time. 

I'm wearing a casual white shirt and blue jeans-nothing special but it's still cute. I do have to say in all honesty that I didn't wear the head scarf all day, I put it on for the photos (to add some color!). The head scarf wasn't realistic for what I was doing today. 

Which background/photo is your favorite? Are these better, or am I just mental? 


  1. Your photos look great! Your outfit is super cute too! You found some really interesting backgrounds! I've been running out of backgrounds lately, and I've been making an effort to find new and interesting ones. If you want any other photography tips--look for lighting that doesn't cast harsh shadows or strange, glaring highlights, and try new angles to find the ones that are most flattering. Then a few simple edits can make photos pop...just enhancing colors a bit, adding more contrast, or whatever.(:
    Oh--and in answer to your question, my favorite backgrounds are probably the fence, the wall, and the first one.(:


  2. What I find the hardest while taking photos is the stinkin' heat outside! :-/ I get my clothes all ruined, because I do sweat a lot! Haha. What activity could possibly be not appropriate for a head scarf? I am curious!

  3. You are definitely not mental--I think these pictures turned out fabulously! The angles, lighting, etc. all work really well :) Rock those jeans!

  4. Love the photos Natasha! The background is lovely in all of them! Cute outfit too, jeans and a white tee is always classic! :-)

  5. I really like all of these! I think I like them better than your usual ones. They have more personality to them. :))

  6. #3 and #7 were the greatest for poses. #9 looks really weird, just so you know. The backgrounds in #1 and #2 are the best. I recommend smiling a little more, too.. maybe even do a few semi-silly faces. Also browse around on 'high end' fashion blogs and see what good poses they do.. But that was much of an improvement. :)

  7. #6 is my favorite

  8. The background on the second is my favorite! GREEN GRASS, o how I love you!It is very dry here and all our grass is very much brown.



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