What I Wear-Your Opinions And Plato's Closet Shirt

I'm not entirely sure how this happened-but I'm posting again! *helping readers off the floor* Feel okay now? ; )

I'm wearing a yellow leopard print shirt I picked up at Plato's closet and a hand-me-down skirt from my sister-in-law. Fairly simple outfit, nothing too exciting-but I like it. I'm trying to decide if I should start post more "everyday" outfits-something I didn't know was lacking on my blog until a few days ago! I have a few question though:
1. Would you rather I posted "everyday" outfits (like today, but also shorts and more casual outfits) or post my "Sunday/Saturday" outfits (this would include my putting a little more time into my outfits)?
2. Are you even interested in outfit posts including shorts (by shorts I mean no more than a couple inches above the knee-just to clarify)?
3. Is anyone interested in hair tutorials?
4. Is anyone interested in my sharing tips on healthy food/exercise?
5. How about natural beauty stuff?
Comment and let your voice be heard! : ) And yes, I'm in sort of a strange mood...


  1. Cute outfit! I have a very similar skirt, only it's a midi instead of a maxi.(:

    I'd like to see any if those types of posts! I'd also really love to see modest ways of wearing shorts.


  2. I love the idea of hair tutorials and the food and excercise talk i even considered doin all this myself on my blog.

  3. Shorts, yes! It would be fun to see everyday outfits and more variety!

  4. I think you should post every other day (or so), so you'd have some casual outfits and some "Sunday/Saturday" outfits.
    I like seeing your outfit posts with shorts. It's always good to see modest shorts styled in a cute way. :) And hair tutorials would be neat too.
    Yes, more healthy eating/exercise posts would be neat to see.
    And natural beauty? sure!
    Um...I do believe I just answered yes to all your "yes or no" questions. :)
    Basically, don't stress out about posting everyday or anything, but those are some good ideas you have. :D

  5. I'm not sure if my first comment went through, because I signed into my google account after I hit "publish." so...
    I'd like to see a variety of casual and Sunday/Saturday outfits. :)
    And YES to all your other questions. :D Don't feel like you have to stress out about writing all those different posts though, but those do all sound like some great posts.

  6. I'd love to see a variety of everyday and fancy outfits, and some shorts/pants stuff, too. Don't feel you have to post everyday, though. Any other content you'd like to blog about please include; you could use a little more variety around here.


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