What I Wear-Bermuda Shorts And Messy Ponytail!

What I Wear: Purple Shirt-Thrifted, Khaki Shorts-Thrifted, Necklace-Homemade, Flip Flops-Old Navy 
In a continuing spirit of honesty, I'm sharing a "casual Wednesday" outfit with you! (Note: if a Blogger names an outfit post something like "casual Wednesday" it's just a sneaky way of making something dull and mundane seem amazing!) I'm afraid I am one of those Bloggers who likes to only put up perfect pictures-not exactly reality! So I decided not to even fix my hair! (Shocking, I know right?) In order to not completely ditch fashion, I paired the simple Aeropostale shirt with a necklace. These khaki shorts were a great buy, they go with practically everything and are super modest (in my opinion). They fit loosely, which is nice for in the heat. I don't know about the rest of you, but personally this Montana girls is melting! Where's the snow when you need it! *GRIN* Unfortunately, right now it's super smokey outside (leading to itchy, stinging eyes, being irritable, head ache, etc.) I've discovered that I'm super sensitive to the smoke-I'll wake up with a super bad headache hours before anyone can see or smell smoke. Anyone else this way? 
Post a pic with messy hair....I dare you. ; ) 


  1. I like your khaki skirt better

  2. In my (humble) fashion opinion, simple is always greater. As much as we feel we need to dress like disney-show stars with thirty-kazillion colors and patterns and so much bling, the more fashion I see the greater I love simplicity. An outfit like this is my own daily staple: bermuda shorts and a nicer t-shirt. It's comfortable, modest, and east to get together but you don't need to think it's a fashion failure. I think it's great!(For the record, as I speak I'm in my pajama pants, a stained t-shirt, crocs and my fuzzy robe. That's my 'causal' ;) Thanks for posting!


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