What I Wear-Earth Tones And An Owl

I'm Wearing: Brown Skirt-Gift (Maurices brand), Army Green Shirt-Thrifted $2.99, Gladiator Sandals-Payless ($?) Owl necklace (hand me down)

I can't believe that DownPour is next week! I'm so excited, I have so much fun every year! It's totally worth braving the chance of rain and cold weather! I'm very into music, love, love, love it! I could literally listen to music all day and not get sick of it. I also love playing music, which kind of goes hand-in-hand. 

I'm wearing my trusty brown skirt which I wore HERE and HERE.  It's a super versatile skirt, I actually got it as a gift! Free too, how can you not like this skirt?! 

I did Sunday school this week at church, I was reading the Bible story about Adam and Eve and one of the little boys (I think he's 3 or 4) "Tasha, why did Eve eat the apple?! God told her no!" Too cute! I know lots of people don't like doing Sunday School (for whatever reason), but I don't mind. I've always enjoyed kids! I was the girl who played with dolls till she was 13-I'm not even sure most girls play with dolls anymore! I used to be obsessed with my baby dolls-even had a pretend husband (his name was Thomas Brown) I bossed around! : ) Although I went by Nicole Brown back then...yes. Strange but true. And now I have no idea how I got on this subject, is this TMI?! Okay, now that I've said a ton, but not really anything and talked in circles...


  1. Natasha you have the prettiest hair ever girl! It always looks so lovely! :-) Love your outfit, the color combo is very nice and perfect for Summertime!

  2. fun neutral look! I am so glad I found your blog. New follower!

  3. :) I love doing kids Sunday School too! I taught Sunday School pretty much every week for 6 years, and just recently started watching the toddlers in the nursery every other week instead. Luckily, in our church families are together for worship and the sermon, then Sunday School is after that, so I still get to go to the main service. Sometimes I do miss 'adult' time. The kids lessons are great but after going through the same curriculum manual 6 times I needed a break!
    I wasn't much into dolls, but I used to pretend to teach school to those that I did have. I've always wanted to be a teacher!

  4. hey girl, this outfit is super cute! i love wearing earthtones and honestly, feel more comfortable in them. i just wanted to let you know the my blog Live for Today is retiring. :( But i started a new blog that will be more focused and updated much more often. So if you still want to follow me, the link is this:

  5. I love this outfit!! Two of my favorite colors to wear together. And it is modest. Doesn't get better than that:)


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