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Mr. Darcy. Even the name evokes sighs and swooning. While I'm not here to knock Jane Austen (I've read all her books and still love the Pride and Prejudice movie), I'm here to propose something. Okay, don't send me to the gallows-here goes-Mr. Darcy isn't all he's cracked up to be. In theory, he's a great guy. But if you pay close attention to his character, the nice face of the actor fades into a bright neon "bozo" sign. While he doesn't stay this way throughout the whole movie, for most of it he's reserved, rude, moody and a mountain of pride. Sure, by the end your loving him as much as Elizabeth! But really, would you truly marry Mr. Darcy? I don't think I could live with Mr. Darcy! Perhaps there is a reason the book and movie end with the wedding. Honestly, I think the moodiness would get old in 5.3 seconds-the pride thing would drive me up the wall in less. My point of this post (no, it's not Mr. Darcy bashing)-is this: are we holding guys up to Godly standards, or romance novel standards? Guys don't need to be tall, dark and handsome (though it's nice). Just as we ladies won't always be the picture of beauty and youth, guys also will eventually turn into old men. When the looks fade, what do you have? My challenge to you, is to try to get past looks. I know it can be hard, but try.

Mr. Darcy is good in theory, but in reality? Not so much. In the end, pride and moodiness aren't all they're cracked up to be. A love for God, good work ethics, self control and selflessness always win. Again, just some thoughts-not a Darcy bash fest. 


  1. First, I love your top.
    Second, as much as I love Jane Austen movies (since English is not my native tongue, reading novels in the old English is rather not appealing to me :) ) I agree that some, or many romance stories (old and modern alike) are like emotional porn like ladies. Why? Because there are no perfect men in real life, just as there's no perfect women in real life. It's good for entertainment, we can learn some good lessons from them, but we need to keep things in perspective.

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  2. I'm not sure I agree with this post about Mr. Darcy. One of the major points in the book, as evidenced by the title, is that BOTH Elizabeth and Darcy have to overcome or at least recognize major character flaws they have and work on improving themselves. Repenting of faults and sins and working on changing ourselves is a common and important part of our Christian life.

    You write that "in the end pride and moodiness aren't all they're cracked up to be. A love for God, good work ethics, self control, selflessness, always win." yes this is true, and Darcy has his flaws, but he seems to have almost all of the good qualities you mentioned as well. Reading the book, one can see through his actions toward his family, Elizabeth's family, and his estate management that he has good work ethics, self control, and selflessness. As far as a love for God, Jane Austen's books rarely if ever deal with religious issues so that is something we can not know.

    So yes, Elizabeth's and Darcy's marriage would have had its struggles, would have been far from perfect. But the beauty of Jane Austen's books is that she creates real characters with actual emotional depth. Her people are just as good and as bad as anyone you will meet today. Darcy is not perfect, he is real, and you take the good with the bad when you marry someone and work through issues and pray for God's grace. That is all we can do.


    1. Abigail,
      Thanks for commenting!
      To be honest, I think we have to agree to disagree on this one. I don't see anywhere in the book or movie that either of them changed, only that Elizabeth sees Darcy differently and they "suddenly" fall in love (this is how appears to me).
      Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, mine happens to be that Mr. Darcy isn't that great-and I don't think I could ever see myself with someone like that. Books and movies like this tend to make girls think they NEED to marry someone this way, when with a Biblical mind, we can clearly see that those are some red flag warnings in the "real" world. Yes, Mr. Darcy has "some" good qualities, my whole point of the post was to look at guys through God's eyes-not through the lens of Hollywood or Jane Austen.
      Again, not bashing Jane Austen. I personally really like the movie and book (love the ball room dance!). It's just important to look at movies and books through Biblical lenses and take it with a grain of sand. Realizing that our standard of manhood should be held to God's standards and not the standards of Jane Austen or any other person.
      Hope this doesn't keep you from visiting my blog in the future. I realize that my opinion will not always be popular, and I'm okay with that!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion and I hope you have a lovely rest of the Sunday! :)

  3. I think you have a great point here. While I love Jane Austen's books, I agree that if you really think about it, Mr. Darcy would be a pain in the booty to live with! The book leads you to believe that this moody, arogant and often rude man would suddenly become gentle and romantic. But that is one of the biggest problems when girls start dating. They date someone who is really not what they want and figure the guy will change over time. Girls often put up with behavior from young men that they should not tolerate, just because the young man in question is physically attractive. Of course, Mr. Darcy was basically a good man, but even men who basically try to do the right things can have big personality flaws that can make them very difficult to live with. No one is perfect, and certainly one can be so picky that no one is good enough. I'm not saying to do this. I just think girls do need to be a bit more discerning. Of course the best way to do this is to pray and ask the Lord to guide you in your decisions in dating and especially getting married.

  4. You always make a blue jean skirt look good. I also love that khaki skirt you have!! Keep the outfits coming. Love the pics and I hope you had a great weekend

  5. Your hair, giiirl! So pretty.

    Interesting opinion on Mr. Darcy's character.. I totally see what you're saying!

  6. Your shirt stands out!!

    Personally I've never read Pride and Prejudice to give a proper opinion about Mr. Darcy. I've only seen the movies and probably because I have a weakness toward Colin Firth, he's my ideal Mr.Darcy :)

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  8. I love the way how you make the shirt go with the jean skirt!

    Now, as to Mr. Darcy. I consider myself a confirmed Jane Austen fan, but I totally agree with what you're saying. I do think Mr. Darcy majorly improves into quite a tolerable sort of guy, but still, he's not all that he's made out to be.

    But when I saw your last words, A love for God, good work ethics, self control and selflessness always win I nearly laughed. That seems to perfectly describe Mr. Knightley of Emma, my favorite of Miss Austen's heroes.

    Anyways, great point!

  9. Hmmmmm modesty doesn't have to be ranchy... You know......


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