I'm Back! Disneyland Photos! Part 1

So I didn't share this for safety reasons, but I've been on vacation in CA from Fri-Tue! Anyone care to guess where....?! Yes! You guessed it! DISNEYLAND! This is really my "first" time in Disneyland (I was six last time we went!). We had a wonderful time, though we were all exhausted by the end of the trip and more than ready to head home. This also happened to be the very first time I've ever flown! Yikes! We had four flights really-with an hour or so layover in between. The first wasn't so bad, the second was okay (a little turbulence and we also ended up in the very back of the plane). Coming home was actually really rough! The flight attendant actually pulled something in her back and was sitting on the floor for part of it! Definitely an exercise in trusting God!

I'm going to break the trip up into a couple posts (I took about 100 or so photos!) Not sure if I'll share all of them or not (yell if you get sick of them!).
Waiting to take off for first flight! (Mom left, Dad right)

View from plane window

First time seeing palm trees in person too! 

Walking from the hotel!  

Parking lot of hotel

Waiting for the bus! (From left to right: Sister Melissa, brother Onan, Mom, Sister Patience, Dad)

And more waiting....Brother Kendall and sister in law Jamey
 The bus rides were all very...interesting. Apparently I've been sheltered a bit when it comes to manners! For the first day I tried being polite and nice, but by the end of the day it was "shove or be shoved"! Literally people shoving each other to get on the bus, cutting in line, not caring who was there first. Boy, I love Montana where they apologize if they step on your foot! : )
Entering Disneyland! From Left: (sister Patience, brother Onan, Mom) 

Left to right: brother Kendall, sister in law Jamey, brother Onan, sister Patience and half of my sister Melissa! *GRIN*

Cinderella's castle

Lunch at the Carnation. Left to right: sister Patience, mom, brother Onan, dad.
Had a yummy meatloaf and mashed potatoes meal I split with mom! YUM! 

Waiting in line for Indiana Jones. Left to right: Mom, brother Onan, sister Patience, sister Melissa 

Line for Indiana Jones (which went on forever in case you're wondering!) *GRIN* 

Scenery around Indiana Jones ride

Me, sister Patience
My sister Patience (obviously a camera ham...)
 We actually ended up going on the Indiana Jones ride 3-4 times! Super fun and some of it was so realistic!
Mom and Dad
Me by the Indiana Jones ride...don't ask why my face looks like this...I have no answer...

Entrance to "temple of doom"/Indiana Jones ride
Sister in law Jamey and brother Kendall 
Inside the ride! 
Left to right: Me, brother Onan, sister Patience
Pirates Of the Caribbean (all the other photos turned out fuzzy) 
Jungle Cruise
 The Jungle cruise was one of the few rides my mom asked to go on...let me just say that the animals on the side are cheesy and the "tour guide" makes the worst jokes on the planet... : )

View from the line for Jungle Cruise
All of us in the Jungle Cruise 

Sister Patience and I
Cinderella's Castle 
Space Mountain Back row: sister in law Jamey, brother Kendall, Middle-brother Onan, front row sister Patience, dad
 I should also mention that the rides at Disney were my first roller coasters/ rides EVER! Space Mountain was super fun, it's in the dark though. By the end of the ride I got out and just about fell over from being dizzy! Which got me to wondering why on earth I went on these rides...on purpose...of my own free will...happily...
Flattering picture, no? ; ) 
I also discovered that my dad really enjoys roller coasters (a surprising find).
In line for Star Tours (3d Star Wars "adventure").  Funny thing was, I went on this when I was like 4 and got off bawling my eyes out! (I was okay this time BTW). 
In line for ANOTHER roller coaster 
Left to right: Sister in law Jamey, brother Kendall, sister Patience and brother Onan
Heading up to Tarzan's tree house


  1. Awesome! I've always wanted to go to Disneyland, so I'm enjoying all the pictures! :D I have been to Disney World a few times though. And I adore Space Mountain {even if it is in the dark!} Can't wait to see more pictures! :D

  2. California is where it's at!!! :) love my state. <3

    I can't believe you've never seen a palm tree before! Haha here you literally can look in any direction and see one.

    I love Disneyland. It's been awhile since I've been there though. :/ I love Indiana Jones even if the line takes years to get through. Hah and star tours I live that ride!!! I like space mountain, thunder mountain, and Matterhorn too. I just like Disneyland altogether! Lol I loveroller coasters! :))

  3. JMJ

    Love Disneyland!! So happy for you!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun! My family was in California at the same time, only in San Francisco...too bad we didn't make it down to Disneyland--we might have run into your family! :P
    Did you get the chance to do the jungle cruise at night? It is REALLY cool then...and all the animals look more realistic.(; and did you make it on Splash Mountain? That's one of my very favorite rides! Next to Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Matterhorn, and Indiana Jones! :P


  5. Looks like so much fun! I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 7. Did you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? It was really scary to me when I was little, but I bet it would be pretty interesting (if not cheesy?) now. :)


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