Disneyland Trip Part 2

Well, here is part 2 of my Disneyland trip! Hopefully I'm not boring anyone to death! I wobble back and forth between sharing personal stuff on my fashion blog (because I know people like a certain amount) and not posting anything personal. But I figure it's okay once in awhile (just not all the time). And just in case you're wondering, this is the last post! : )

Me, Mom. (We didn't get very much sleep there....)
In line for "It's A Small World"
Outside "It's A Small World" 

More it's a small world...
Inside It's A Small World

For my mom's birthday she wanted to eat the Blue Bayou. It was a neat restaurant, it's right by the Pirates Of The Caribbean water ride. They give you the feeling of being outside, even the moon! 


Brother Onan
Sisters, Patience and Melissa

We actually spent a lot of your time in California Adventure! It's just a walking distance from Disneyland and includes things like the Tower Of Terror, Grizzly run and California Screamin' 
Outside the Soarin' Over California in the restaurant next to it.

The restaurant next to Soarin' Over California was actually my favorite place to eat on the trip! I had the Chile burger and Chile fries (separate times). Yummy! 

It was kind of cool, part of California Adventure was like an old fashioned fair or something! Definitely more fun to do as it got dark too! I'm proud to say that I went on the California Screamin'! Yes I did! It was INSANE! It goes so fast and also upside down! (whispering-I did have my eyes closed for almost the entire thing, but made the mistake of opening my eyes when it was going upside down!) As with Space Mountain, I got off dizzy and sick...but man was it fun! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it, the photo had already changed by the time we got down to the exit.

My dad stayed with me to watch the World of Color on the last night, which was fun. They use water and colored lights to make a "show" and then have sporadic spurts of constant water act as a projector screen where they play Disney movies!

California Screamin' Roller Coaster 

Left to right: brother Onan, Dad, sister Patience and sister Melissa

Left to right: Dad, sister Patience, sister Melissa, Me, brother Onan
California Adventure at night
my sister Patience and I
California Screamin' 
 Also in California Adventure is the new Carsland! We actually didn't get to ride anything in this section-all of it looked fun but not wait in line for 105 minutes fun! The Fast passes ran out about 30 minutes after the park opened! These pictures will probably only be fun if you've seen Cars (the movie).

My sister Patience

Sally's Caution Cone Hotel! 

Flo's Cafe! 
Left to right: sisters Melissa and Patience, brother Onan, Mom and Dad
My brother Onan
Mater driving down the road! 
My sister Melissa

Luigi's Casa Dela Tires! 

First ride on Tower Of Terror! (We went like 4 more times!)

Birds eating by where we were eating! : ) 

Resting between rides! 

Mom and Dad

Patience...behind a wheel! Now that's scary!

Apparently my parents were disappointed because this used to actually shock you. But now it just vibrates! : ) That's the world we live in now! Can't even shock yourself....
Tower Of Terror Snap shot

The Mad Hat...I mean Onan! : ) 

Another Tower of Terror snapshot! 

Family picture!


  1. I love these kind of posts! I've never been to California adventures, but I'd really love to go! I wish they didn't make it a separate park! :/ looks like you had fun! Did you do any other stuff while you were here like the beach or stuff?

  2. Cute Pics! :D Looks like you guys got a nice sunburn though. Lol. :D

  3. I just saw your replies to my comments. :)

    No offense taken about what you said about California. haha I didn't even notice anything offensive! haha

    That is hilarious about the palm tree thing. I never really thought about how they aren't everywhere. It's just a normal tree here.

    I wish you could've seen the ocean, I love it! But maybe one day you can! :)


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