What I Wear-Perfect Fall Clothing Transition Piece!

I'm Wearing: Orange Shirt: Thrifted ($2), Halftee: C/O, Blue Jean Skirt: Thrifted ($3), Flip Flops: San Uk ($20)
Love it, hate it, could care less, can't wait-whatever your reaction to Fall-it's coming! Previous years have left a bad taste in my mouth. It meant the end of Summer fun, concerts, road trips and flip flops. But I've been really convicted in the last year or so that I need to be happy with whatever circumstances I'm in-because it's where God's placed me. I'm here in Montana for a reason, so why not enjoy the cold? So that's what I'm doing!'s not cold yet. So I'm actually anticipating Fall/Winter this year! The more I decided to enjoy the coming cold weather, the more I anticipate it! Pinterest was actually highly instrumental in my new found "cold weather love"! One keyword typed into the search engine brings up all the cozy, wonderful items associated with the seasons coming. Scarfs, hats, coats, boots and so much more! Dressing is way easier for me in the Winter, my Winter clothes are much cuter, I can layer and make nicer outfits! (Not to mention that the snow makes a lovely outfit backdrop!)
Halftee was gracious enough to send me this lovely cream colored long sleeve Halftee! I'm convinced that it's going to be the ultimate piece in my Fall wardrobe-converting all my Summer clothes into Winter! I also discovered something on my Disneyland trip-the Halftee is reversible for slobs. No, really! ; ) I......dribbledteadownthefrontofmeandstainedtheonlyundershirtIbroughtwithme. Get that? So after I, um...spilled on myself, I discovered the next day that my Halftee shirt was handy because I could wear it "backwards" and 'voila, stain gone! Pretty nifty! Honestly, other than this shirt, I'm not getting anything for telling you this! I don't get anything if you click the link, I don't get anything if you buy one from them! I already have the shirt, they can't take it away from I'm telling the truth! If you can afford it, BUY ONE! They're awesome! They also recently added plus size (up to 2XL!)! I can honestly say that I've worn my short sleeve one into oblivion! My only complaint is that the white becomes soiled far too easy! (Although that tends to happen if you wear it every day for a week...)

Check out my Fall Pinterest Board and my Winter Pinterest board from some inspiration! 


  1. I follow you on Pinterest now, Natasha! Isn't Pinterest great? So many ideas and lots of inspiration. :-) I love your outfit, layering shirts always looks so cute!

  2. Wow, all of the postings here are wonderful and amazing. That's why i really love your outfit and simple style?


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