What I Wear-White Skirt And Friday!

 I'm Wearing: Shirt-Borrowed from Patience, White skirt-thrifted, flip flops-San Uk via Amazon, Necklaces-hand me down and Debs
I came out in my necklace and my younger sister asked if my necklace "had one owl, or two owls with hats on?" : ) 

So I'm probably confusing all you by my scattered and sporadic choice of seasonal clothing, but literally that's how I've been dressing! I go outside to check the weather before I get dressed now! Long sleeves one day, short sleeves and shorts the next! Today it's supposed to get up to 80 deg.! Highly unusual for this time of year in Montana. Honestly, I'd welcome some snow right now! It's very smoky outside (from a fire in Idaho) and I'm waking up with a soar throat feeling cruddy all day. Thing is, I have seasonal allergies as it is, and the smoke just makes them worse!
Enough of the whining! It's Friday! Yahoo! What does Friday bring for you? Mine brings the start of a weekend, movie night, staying up late, Air 1's Club Awesome (hosted by Brant Hansen) and homemade pizza! In case you aren't familiar with "Club Awesome" I'll share a bit! They have a half hour or so every late Friday afternoon of Christian dance type music, which includes (but is not limited to!) re-mixing songs and adding crazy stuff (like hamster noises) to the song! It's basically a virtual dance club with everything you can imagine (a few weeks ago everyone went home with a free baby moose!-The Montana in me used logic and said that was probably not a good idea since Mama moose get very aggressive if separated from their babies! LOL! But since it's fictional...they are pretty cute!) So we turn the radio up, crank up the bass and "hang".
Yeah! *Five different nachos!* (if you haven't listened to the show you're now thinking I'm crazy and should probably just close this window instead of telling me so....LOL! Naw, just joking! I know I'm crazy and I'm proud of it!
QUESTION: What does your Friday night include?
(boring stuff is welcome too, since mine is so exciting! *GRIN*) 


  1. I really like how you have your hair... it looks very pretty on you! (Cute outfit too, by the way). :-)

    I've been dressing quite randomly myself too... weather has been ever-changing. :-)

    God bless!

  2. How do you care for your long hair?(shampoo,conditioner,etc)

    Andie :)

  3. You look adorable, and I love the owl necklace!!!
    Club awesome sounds like a blast! Hamster noises? (Trying to figure out what that would sound like). I used to have hamsters, what I remember most is them running on the wheel in the middle of the night...

  4. I love how you did your hair, it looks so elegant! And the owl necklace is too cute! It also matches your shirt perfectly.(:



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