First Snow Of The Year!

Last night was our first snowfall! I took the opportunity to snap a few photos outside of the lovely blanket of snow! Here, this is referred to as a "skiff". My family has a tradition (not sure where it started) of having waffles when we get our first snow fall, since moving to Montana we've put a stipulation of at least an inch of snow accumulation (there are many times when the snow simply floats around in the air). Since deciding upon having a positive outlook about the weather, I've found myself enjoying the snow! It's rather pretty against the mountains, gently dusting the green of the trees.

With the beautiful snow comes:
A fire in the fireplace, cozy to read by. Sweaters to wrap myself in, hats (without the sweat!). Layers of cute clothes, stunning boots and scarves. And of course Christmas is never complete without a bit of snow! Has anyone else thought about the fact that it always snows in the Christmas movies?! Seriously, even in the warm places! Pretty funny-snow is obviously highly sought after! Perhaps I shall grow tired of looking at it, but for now I'll enjoy it.

Comment and leave one thing you like about Winter-no negative comments allowed! ; )


  1. haha, I know they always have it snow at Christmas time in the movies. Personally, I live in Louisiana, and I've only seen a quarter inch of snow in my lifetime! (And I'm 20!) Even then, it melts in less than 10 minutes because it starts to rain. :) Hopefully one day, I'll get to see snow. :)

  2. You've had snow already?! Wow. Here in southern England we'll be lucky to get any at all, unless it's another weirdly cold year!
    One thing I love about winter - I would say snow, but we so rarely get it so I'll go with frosty mornings followed by crisp, cold, sunny days. Perfect for a nice winter walk.

  3. Snow already? Wow, and it's only October! I live in Tennessee and last winter was exceptionally mild for us, kind of worried what this winter will be like.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  4. You got snow already? I am sooo jealous. :) We usually get our first snowfall the first week of October too, but this year it is strangely warm! Still in the 70s! My favorite things about winter is having the wood stove going in the house, Christmas, warm sweaters and wearing beanies, and actually just staying home and doing things in the house. Sounds strange but I love doing things like baking or reading indoors when it's so cold and snowy outside. :)

  5. I miss Montana and I can't wait for it to snow here. Beautiful. :)


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