What I Wear-Vintage Cape Debut!

I'm Wearing a vintage thrifted cape-$5, Black Herbergers shirt-$10, Old Navy thrifted blue jeans-$5.99, Go Jane boots-29-ish? 

It's finally cold enough to wear my vintage cape! I was standing in my closet this morning and remembered I hadn't worn my lovely cape yet! It's surprisingly warm (although I'm not currently wearing it due to the fact that I've been cutting 16 fresh pineapples...). My mom has decided to torture teach me to can for part of my school. After that, super cleaning my room is on the agenda. It's time to pull those poor neglected Winter clothes out from their dusty boxes! It's almost like getting an entirely new wardrobe-with only vague recollections of wearing them. First things first: box up Summer clothes. The problem is, what exactly are Summer clothes?! Winter, I get that: long sleeves, wool, sweaters and hoodies. However, Summer clothes can be converted into Winter clothes super easy. On the other hand, packing them away helps next Summer, when I unpack my "new" clothes! Anyone have clothing guideline suggestions? How do you decide what to pack away? 

And I had a huge response to my "how old am I?" post-24 comments! Makes me wonder, where are you usually? hmmmm...lurkers, eh? *GRIN* The answer is: 18! many of you got very close, and some even guessed 18 (by the way, the person who guessed 29 was my sister *rolls eyes*-take my advice and block your sisters from commenting! LOL!
PS: Please forgive the greasy hair! : ( 


  1. I guessed 18... I was right! :)
    I love the cape! and your boots are super cute!


  2. I face the same dilemma too when packing away summer clothes. Shorts definitely go, but both tees and short skirts can be worked into a winter outfit. So to keep my closet from overcrowding, I usually use colors as a rule of thumb: anything bright (besides jewel-tones) go into the summer box, and darker tees, skirts and tanks stay to be used in winter outfits.

    And nice cape, by the way! I have lots of thrifted and hand-me-down vintage coats and capes and they're super fun to wear out and about. :)

  3. The cape is darling! I love the vintage style!
    Hehe, I've always been a bit scared of slicing pineapples! Knives are not my friends! I hope your fingers made it out alive!
    Hehe, I actually don't box anything away except for shorts and capris! I guess I'm not much of a help in that department, lol. I like to be able to wear summer clothes in the cooler seasons by layering, so I'm glad to keep them all in my dresser! But if you're keeping the boxes in a place where you can kind of get to them, what about boxing your more versatile summer items up and putting them in a place that's easy to get to? Orrr what about separating out the most versatile pieces and keeping them out with your winter clothes? I hope that's at least a little helpful! :P


  4. I only pack away my winter stuff. Especially living in a warmer climate, you never know when you'll need a summer shirt. And summer stuff is so easy to convert to winter like you said.

  5. SO pretty, Natasha!!! Love this!

    I know what you mean! When I posted my wedding pics ALL of these people commented... where are they now??? No one knows... :) I guessed you were either 18 or 19... so I was half right! Fun idea!

    God bless!

  6. Love the thrifted cape! I'm so jealous that you are wearing a fall/winter outfit. It's still too hot in LA :-(


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