W.I.W-Montana Life And Army Girl Pattern Mixing!

 I'm Wearing: Green shirt-Thifted ($3), Cream Halftee-C/O, Scarf-Plato's closet ($5), Belt-Wal  Mart ($? Came with a pair of pants I bought ages ago), Skirt-Thrifted ($3), ($25) Watch-C/O verse watches

 So this outfit combines many different things I wouldn't normally wear! This was actually a third attempt at an outfit. First one my younger sister said "I won't take a picture of that outfit, it's not cute!" the second one I wasn't sure was weather appropriate (it's been pretty nice again!). This one finally struck my "fashion fancy" and this is what you get. The shirt and scarf just sort of happened, I know they don't "go together", but I think they look well paired this way. I also wore my shirt tucked in, and a camo belt. To go along with the "army" theme, I also wore combat boots. And of course my trusty modesty friends: Halftee and blue jean skirt! I'll usually shy away from tucking my shirts in, as I tend to stick my stomach out-not sure why! So I had to make a conscious effort to keep good posture. I guess it's because it sort of feels like the skirt is falling down-thus I keep it up by sticking it out. : ) LOL! (TMI?) 

I've decided that W.I.W looks better than What I Wear. So thus the posts will now be labeled that way. And no I have no idea why I abruptly threw this into my post.

I know lots of you are curious about "Montana life". This is sort of funny to me, that people are interested in things I consider mundane. But I suppose I'm curious about other places (probably city life). So I put together a few "life in Montana" trivia facts. 

  1. Most people don't wear cowboy gear, though some do.
  2. Montana is the land of extremes-for example: my post on snow and now it's about 60 deg!
  3. It can get down to -35+ and as hot as 100+ (deg).
  4. You eventually get so used to the cold weather that you really don't even wear a coat (hoodies are a staple item)
  5. People actually wear their Pajamas into Wal Mart!
  6. You can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger and learn intimate details about their past!
  7. There's rivalry between different cities. 
  8. 4-wheelers are like owning a dog. 
  9. Hunting is an excuse to take off work.
  10. The beauty of nature around us is often overlooked because we see it all the time. 
  11. Driving five hours to a bigger city is no big deal and often referred to as "not that long of a trip".
Tell me some facts about your home state/city! 


  1. I live in Alabama. Here are some facts that you may not believe, but every one of them is true!

    1)Every other person you meet is either: named Bubba, knows a person named Bubba, or is related to someone who is named Bubba.

    2)It is not a shocking thing, to see a Motor or a Toilet decorated and sitting in someone's yard as art.

    3)It is not unusual to have a "redneck" nick name, even if you're not a redneck. Here are some examples: Fat Legs, Hog Jaw, Two Ton Tessie, Irma Mae, Flossie May, Gump and Cephus.

    4) It is a popular thing for people to hang the rebel flag on their truck, but unpopular for them to hang an American flag on said truck.

    5) Redneck Gas stations playing classical music- So not cool!

    6)It is common that someone hits a deer on the road and then gets out and straps it to the car to save for food later.

    7) In the south you quickly learn the difference between a "Hissy Fit" and a "Coniption Fit".

    8) Boiled peanuts are a Southern staple.

    9)Sweet Tea goes with everything-Ice Cream, Pickles, Ribs & Cake. It don't matter what you eat, Sweet Tea is always the perfect beverage.

    10)Most every guy in the South wears Wrangler jeans.

    11)If you a'int never been mudding, fishing, huntin or camping- then honey you a'int Southern.

    12)If you think a whole stick of butter in anything is too much, you a'int Southern.

    13)If you don't know what Cat Head Biscuits and Sawmill Gravy is, and your main meal is not Buttermilk and Cornbread, you a'int Southern.

    14)In Alabama it is not unusual for a girl to pull out a pink camo pocket knife before a man can.

    15)You have to own at least 1 piece of Camoflauge clothing to live in Alabama.

    16)We have grocery stores named Piggly Wiggly, and they don't sell any pigs!

    17) You go visit your neighbors on a riding lawn mower or a tractor.

  2. I love the info on Montana! We visited Idaho and Yellowstone this past summer and thought it was terrific. I love how everyone owns an ATV and it is legal to drive it on the road (there are even signs "Share the road"! Here, you can't really legally ride your ATV anywhere :( . I was surprised that in some places there were more mosquitoes than here in Florida. I like your "army" outfit. It looks nice tucked in and I like the camo belt.

  3. That's cool to hear about Montana. :)

    I am in California so lets see.
    It's hot.
    It's diverse--mountains, beach, desert, all within an hour of each other. The people are diverse too. Where I lie more people speak Spanish than English.
    Not everyone is blonde or tan. :)
    And I don't know what else to say haha ;p

  4. They do look like my boots! Haha, but mine don't have a pretty blue zipper...just a brown one.(; I love the look of a shirt tucked in and belted (lol, as you can see from my blog posts...almost every outfit is like that!), and it certainly looks perfect with this outfit! Super cute!

    Hehe, people wear pajamas to Walmart around here too (and Safeway, and Fred Meyers...). I can't really think of anything unusual about where I live, but one things for sure--it's not as rainy in Seattle as everyone thinks! It also rarely snows, so that's a treat (and a bother too, since we're not used to it). We are known for weird weather, though...(;


  5. I love that skirt and the shirt tucked in. You look really neat!

  6. wow, I didn't know you were from Montana! I've GOT to do this on my blog!!!
    pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssssssseeeeeeeeeee loook at it!!!!
    Love Sararose xox

  7. Yay! Another Modest fashion blog! I think my boys would love living in Montana a bit too much...especially my husband!

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  9. I think the "pajamas in Walmart" thing is just a sloppy all-over-the-USA thing. :)


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