What I Wear-Bye Bye Linkys...

I'm Wearing: Sweater-Thrifted, Blue Shirt-Thrifted, Blue Jean Skirt-Thrifted, Tank top-Vanity
I apologize for the low quality of the photos (the camera's batteries were dying so my sister would take photos in-between the camera shutting down!) So now you're thinking "why didn't she just go inside and get new batteries?" Simple answer? Too lazy. Plus I didn't have enough time to go back inside and change the batteries. 

I'm in the process of weeding out my blog roll, I'm going to go through and take out all blogs that aren't directly related to fashion (also any that haven't been updated in a reasonable amount of time-I.E 6 months or so). Sorry to anyone who gets taken off the list, but feel free to submit your link to my Christian Fashion Bloggers site (which also includes a section for Christian bloggers and modest retailers). I'm also overhauling the website and (hopefully) you'll be able to enjoy a whole new experience when you visit my blog next. 

I'm also hoping to add a bunch of new links to the Christian Fashion Bloggers website (I'm drowning in links right now!) I haven't updated in forever, so it could take me awhile....)
Came across THIS BLOG today while moderating the links-check it out! She has a lovely style-feminine, modest and just plain cute! 

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  1. Oh i love the sweater and the skirt together ! And your boots are nice too !
    I really like the new blog design so far ! Keep on the good work !


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