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I'm Wearing: Jacket-Thrifted, Shirt-Maurices, Skirt-Vanity, 
I voted today! It was like a right of passage-the "adult" moment or something. I thought it was funny how I voted actually-standing up! : ) My city does things a little different than most of your cities (I'm guessing!) Instead of waiting for booths to empty, people sat down at tables and stood up voting! Not exactly secretive... but...! I think everyone was pretty respectful (no looking over other people's shoulders! LOL!) 
Oh yeah, what do you say to the voting lady when she says "Oh! Is this your first time voting? I remember my first time voting-many, many, many years ago..." (smile politely and thank her for the ballot) How did she want me to respond?! "Yes, I thought you looked old! 99 perhaps?! Gee, did ya vote for President Washington?!" LOL! 

Tonight is when the rubber meets the road. As I'm writing this, they still haven't "really" announced a winner. I'm guessing from the numbers running on the TV, half of my blog readers will be happy, half won't. But as I said in my last post, God is in control regardless of who wins. I have my preferred President, but he may not win. Will life still go on? Yes. Will I let God do His "stuff"? Yes. I could either get angry and run to my room mad and upset. Or...I could simply trust God! So seemingly easy, yet it's not! It should be, but it's the hardest thing ever! So I choose to trust God, that He knows so much better who should be President of the United States Of America. Whomever wins-GOD BLESS AMERICA, I'm so grateful for the many freedoms I receive in this country, may we never take them for granted. 


  1. What a cute outfit!!! Like it a lot!

    And yes, God is in control. Even as I see the results this morning (and am disappointed) I can be sure that God is ever-faithful, no matter who sits in office.

    God bless!

  2. Well said! I can't say I'm thrilled with the results, but my hope is in God, not men. Here (FL) we vote standing up at little partitions. I mailed my in but my husband said it was packed and people were lined up outside waiting to get in while a ton of mosquitoes swarmed them. I'm glad I mailed mine! The first time I voted I HAD to mail mine in and I was so disappointed.

  3. Beautiful outfit, Natasha. Pink is such a fun color. :)

    laughing over your comment about "Gee, did you vote for Presedent Washington." Not sure what I would have said in that situation. :)


  4. Happy belated election day! Love your outfit!
    xo TJ

  5. Hahah, too funny with the older lady. I never know what to do in those situations..

    This is such a unique jacket! Great outfit.


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