W.I.W-Remix Zig Zag Sweater Dress And 1940's Style Hat

So as you can see from the photos-we got a big dump. Strangely, the snow reached into town as well (doesn't usually snow in town very much). I'm sort of bracing for a horrendous Winter after the extended lovely weather we had! I had my first "real" snow driving experience the other day, the snow was slushy (wish is actually more dangerous than ice) and someone had brightly stopped on the side of the road to put chains on. You'd think they'd move, or close the car doors-right? Nope. I ended up slowing down too much to get up the hill, backed/slid back down two more times before flooring it to get up the hill (with a truck behind me)! Many hurried prayers of "God, please get us up the hill!" were uttered. And I believe I also smelled burning rubber-weird right?! LOL! Anyway, if nothing else the snow makes for a lovely background-don't you think? I'm remixing an outfit I wore HERE changing the scarf, adding a hat, wearing different boots and black leggings instead of blue jean-makes it a completely different outfit! Is it me, or do I look old now....

How do you remix outfits?


  1. Cute! I love your dress!

    Ooh, driving in the snow is always scary...I don't drive, but just being a passenger and hearing the engine rumble and the tires squeal always scares me. And since we're on a hill...I usually just squeeze my eyes shut and pray!

    I hope you and your family stay warm and safe in the snow!


  2. So pretty, Natasha! I just love wearing purple (and hats... and scarves!). The dress seems longer in these pics than in the other post... is it just the angle??? I've always preferred to wear my dresses at least touching my knee, so I was curious. :)

    God bless!

    1. Rachel, Hmm...that is interesting! I'm not sure! I have lost quite a bit of weight since last time I wore this-maybe that contributed to the length "change" LOL! I don't think it's the angle, as it looks like it's knee length right now as I'm wearing it! That's sort of weird though....*freaky music* Natasha

  3. love everything here :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  4. I have never driven in the snow. I've hardly ever been in snow, but we took a vacation to the mountains about two winters ago and there was a blizzard. My husband has a big truck, and he is never nervous, but we are so unused to snow that he was really stressed out! Anyway, you do not look old. Lovely and sophisticated, yes, but definitely not old!

  5. Love the dress! Looks so nice on you.

    BTW your new blog layout is so cute! Well maybe it's not new, I have been out of the blog world for a few weeks. :-)


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