What I Wear-Another 1940's Hat And Angry Birds

Today I have a special treat-Sister Sunday! I asked my younger sister Patience to join me on this outfit post! I actually got up a little early, so I took these photos before I went to church today. The lighting isn't superb, but I think it's better to get the outfit pictures taken before church-as I never remember to after! 

 I'm wearing a new hat my mom bought me at Claire's-isn't it adorable?! I was drooling over it and my mom said-"You have to wear it at least three times and I'll buy it." So this is number one! ; ) I actually really only write on this blog so I can remind my mom of when I wear things. She'll say something to effect of-"Have I ever seen you in that shirt?" I'll go, "Yes, I wore it on my blog-do you want me to pull up the blog post?" So yes, I only write on here to keep track of what I wear (joking). I originally had planned on paring the hat with a bunch of pink, but I put the outfit on this morning and decided it was pink overload. Instead, I toned it down with a grey shrug I thrifted, a grey shirt (also happens to be thirfted) that has pink print and a white skirt. To keep it matching a bit I wore grey leggings (and two pairs of socks!) and my black Go Jane boots.
Patience is wearing an Angry Birds shirt (She's seriously obsessed with them-she always asks to play it on my i-Pod!) Coincidentally it's actually a really addictive game! ; ) She paired it with a fun panda bear hat with matching gloves. A nice casual look with jeans and Bear Paw snow boots. 

Fun Ice-sicle Photo
While perusing the many lovely blogs I follow I happened to glance over at Emily's profile/bio on her sidebar. She totally summed up the reason we should blog: "I also like to get inspired by other ladies who are dressing with modesty and style, and this blog is just another way for us to share with each other!" Encouragement. That should be our goal for blogging. It's easy to get caught up in a "popularity" contest, seeing how your blog matches up to others, comparing stats and followers. But in the end, what does it really matter if we haven't encouraged anyone? If we encourage just one person to pursue modesty (or to continue pursuing modesty) by blogging, we've been successful. Go Girls-you rock! 


  1. Cute! I love your hat! And your sister's hat as well! I love pandas.(:

    Haha, my mom asks me things like that all the time--"Have you ever even worn that shirt before?" I should start documenting my outfits more often so I can show her the photographic evidence!

    Oh--and just a quick photography tip--if your pictures look too dark when you're taking them, try playing around with the white balance or exposure on your camera (if you're able to do that!). I'm no photographer, but that has been pretty helpful to me of late!


  2. I really like this outfit! Your hat really pulls out the pink in the shirt and ties everything together nicely. And I really love your grey cardigan! I like Patience's outfit too - I love animal hats. =) good job you two!

  3. You look adorable, I like your leggings :-)

  4. Cute outfits, ladies! Great post, Natasha.

    God bless!

  5. You're adorable, both of you! I especially love the hats. (Is Patience holding ice with her bare hands?! This Texas girl is horrified.)

    I like your thoughts at the end there, and your blog is the essence of what you're describing. I wanted to thank you too for starting the Christian Fashion Bloggers network. I've gotten quite a bit more traffic since joining and am also now following several wonderful blogs I discovered there.

  6. Oh, I wish we had snow! It's been an crazy year here. Usually we get our first snow in October! Anyway. :-) I love your outfit. Pink and grey are a lovely combination. And your sisters hat and gloves are adorable!

  7. You both look adorable! I love the hats so much. x

  8. What a cute hat! Love them both actually. Looking lovely!

  9. Hats are my FAVORITE! I love this pink one of yours! So cute! And the snow, just makes it a perfect winter dream! :)




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